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cgi-bin/write.cgi in Anti-Web through 3.8.7, as used on NetBiter / HMS, Ouman EH-net, Alliance System WS100 --> AWU 500, Sauter ERW100F001, Carlo Gavazzi SIU-DLG, AEDILIS SMART-1, SYXTHSENSE WebBiter, ABB SREA, and ASCON DY WebServer devices, allows remote authenticated users to execute arbitrary OS commands via crafted multipart/form-data content, a different vulnerability than CVE-2017-9097.



In Anti-Web through 3.8.7, as used on NetBiter FGW200 devices through 3.21.2, WS100 devices through 3.30.5, EC150 devices through 1.40.0, WS200 devices through 3.30.4, EC250 devices through 1.40.0, and other products, an LFI vulnerability allows a remote attacker to read or modify files through a path traversal technique, as demonstrated by reading the password file, or using the template parameter to cgi-bin/write.cgi to write to an arbitrary file.


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