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The Admin Columns WordPress plugin Free before 4.3.2 and Pro before 5.5.2 allowed to configure individual columns for tables. Each column had a type. The type "Custom Field" allowed to choose an arbitrary database column to display in the table. There was no escaping applied to the contents of "Custom Field" columns.



The Admin Columns Free WordPress plugin before 4.3 and Admin Columns Pro WordPress plugin before 5.5.1, rendered input on the posted pages with improper input validation on the value passed into the field 'Label' parameter, by taking this as an advantage an authenticated attacker can supply a crafted arbitrary script and execute it.



A CSV injection in the codepress-admin-columns (aka Admin Columns) plugin 3.4.6 for WordPress allows malicious users to gain remote control of other computers. By choosing formula code as his first or last name, an attacker can create a user with a name that contains malicious code. Other users might download this data as a CSV file and corrupt their PC by opening it in a tool such as Microsoft Excel. The attacker could gain remote access to the user's PC.


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