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Dell EMC Isilon OneFS versions 8.2.2 and earlier and Dell EMC PowerScale version 9.0.0 contain a file permissions vulnerability. An attacker, with network or local file access, could take advantage of insufficiently applied file permissions or gain unauthorized access to files.



Dell EMC Isilon versions 8.2.2 and earlier contain a remotesupport vulnerability. The pre-configured support account, remotesupport, is bundled in the Dell EMC Isilon OneFS installation. This account is used for diagnostics and other support functions. Although the default password is different for every cluster, it is predictable.



Dell EMC Isilon OneFS versions 8.2.2 and earlier contain an SNMPv2 vulnerability. The SNMPv2 services is enabled, by default, with a pre-configured community string. This community string allows read-only access to many aspects of the Isilon cluster, some of which are considered sensitive and can foster additional access.



Dell EMC Isilon OneFS versions 8.2.2 and earlier contain a denial of service vulnerability. SmartConnect had an error condition that may be triggered to loop, using CPU and potentially preventing other SmartConnect DNS responses.



Dell EMC Isilon OneFS versions prior to 8.2.0 contain an unauthorized access vulnerability due to a lack of thorough authorization checks when SyncIQ is licensed, but encrypted syncs are not marked as required. When this happens, loss of control of the cluster can occur.



Dell EMC Isilon OneFS versions 8.1.2,,, and contain a vulnerability in some configurations. An attacker may exploit this vulnerability to gain access to restricted files. The non-RAN HTTP and WebDAV file-serving components have a vulnerability wherein when either are enabled, and Basic Authentication is enabled for either or both components, files are accessible without authentication.



Dell EMC Isilon OneFS versions between -, -, and -, versions 7.2.1.x, and version and is affected by a cross-site request forgery vulnerability. A malicious user may potentially exploit this vulnerability to send unauthorized requests to the server on behalf of authenticated users of the application.



Dell EMC Isilon OneFS versions between -, -, and -, versions 7.2.1.x, and version is affected by a path traversal vulnerability in the isi_phone_home tool. A malicious compadmin may potentially exploit this vulnerability to execute arbitrary code with root privileges.


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