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Variable underflow exists in accel-ppp radius/packet.c when receiving a RADIUS vendor-specific attribute with length field is less than 2. It has an impact only when the attacker controls the RADIUS server, which can lead to arbitrary code execution.



In ACCEL-PPP (an implementation of PPTP/PPPoE/L2TP/SSTP), there is a buffer overflow when receiving an l2tp control packet ith an AVP which type is a string and no hidden flags, length set to less than 6. If your application is used in open networks or there are untrusted nodes in the network it is highly recommended to apply the patch. The problem was patched with commit 2324bcd5ba12cf28f47357a8f03cd41b7c04c52b As a workaround changes of commit 2324bcd5ba12cf28f47357a8f03cd41b7c04c52b can be applied to older versions.


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