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The documentation for AJ-Fork 167 implies that users should set permissions for users.db.php to 777, which allows local users to execute arbitrary PHP code and gain privileges as the administrator.



AJ-Fork 167 does not restrict access to directories such as (1) data, (2) inc, (3) plugins, (4) skins, or (5) tools, which allows remote attackers to list files in those directories via a direct HTTP request.



AJ-Fork 167 allows remote attackers to gain sensitive information via a direct request to (1) auto-acronyms.php, (2) auto-archive.php, (3) ount-article-views.php, (4) kses.php, (5) custom-quick-tags.php, (6) disable-all-comments.php, (7) easy-date-format.php, (8) enable-disable-comments.php, (9) filter-by-author.php, (10) format-switcher.php, (11) long-to-short.php, (12) prospective-posting.php, or (13) sort-by-xfield.php, which displays the full path in an error message.


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