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Musicmatch Jukebox 10.00.2047 and earlier adds the domain to the Trusted Sites zone in Internet Explorer, which allows systems in the domain to conduct unauthorized activities, as demonstrated using cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks.



Unquoted Windows search path vulnerability in Musicmatch Jukebox 10.00.2047 and earlier allows local users to gain privileges via a malicious C:\program.exe file, which is run by MMFWLaunch.exe when it attempts to execute launch.exe.



DiagCollectionControl.dll in Musicmatch 10.00.2047 and earlier allows remote attackers to overwrite arbitrary files via the bstrSavePath argument.



Musicmatch 10.00.2047 and earlier store log files in the Program Files directory instead of the user profile, which may allow local users to obtain sensitive information.


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