Vulnerability CVE-2017-17138

Published: 2018-03-05

PEM module of DP300 V500R002C00; IPS Module V500R001C00; V500R001C30; NGFW Module V500R001C00; V500R002C00; NIP6300 V500R001C00; V500R001C30; NIP6600 V500R001C00; V500R001C30; RP200 V500R002C00; V600R006C00; S12700 V200R007C00; V200R007C01; V200R008C00; V200R009C00; V200R010C00; S1700 V200R006C10; V200R009C00; V200R010C00; S2700 V200R006C10; V200R007C00; V200R008C00; V200R009C00; V200R010C00; S5700 V200R006C00; V200R007C00; V200R008C00; V200R009C00; V200R010C00; S6700 V200R008C00; V200R009C00; V200R010C00; S7700 V200R007C00; V200R008C00; V200R009C00; V200R010C00; S9700 V200R007C00; V200R007C01; V200R008C00; V200R009C00; V200R010C00; Secospace USG6300 V500R001C00; V500R001C30; Secospace USG6500 V500R001C00; V500R001C30; Secospace USG6600 V500R001C00; V500R001C30S; TE30 V100R001C02; V100R001C10; V500R002C00; V600R006C00; TE40 V500R002C00; V600R006C00; TE50 V500R002C00; V600R006C00; TE60 V100R001C01; V100R001C10; V500R002C00; V600R006C00; TP3106 V100R002C00; TP3206 V100R002C00; V100R002C10; USG9500 V500R001C00; V500R001C30; ViewPoint 9030 V100R011C02; V100R011C03 has a DoS vulnerability in PEM module of Huawei products due to insufficient verification. An authenticated local attacker can make processing into deadloop by a malicious certificate. The attacker can exploit this vulnerability to cause a denial of service.



(Improper Input Validation)

CVSS2 => (AV:L/AC:L/Au:N/C:N/I:N/A:P)

CVSS Base Score
Impact Subscore
Exploitability Subscore
Exploit range
Attack complexity
No required
Confidentiality impact
Integrity impact
Availability impact
Affected software
Huawei -> Secospace usg6600 firmware 
Huawei -> Dp300 firmware 
Huawei -> Te30 firmware 
Huawei -> Ips module firmware 
Huawei -> Te40 firmware 
Huawei -> Ngfw module firmware 
Huawei -> Te50 firmware 
Huawei -> Nip6300 firmware 
Huawei -> Te60 firmware 
Huawei -> Nip6600 firmware 
Huawei -> Tp3106 firmware 
Huawei -> Rp200 firmware 
Huawei -> Tp3206 firmware 
Huawei -> S12700 firmware 
Huawei -> Usg9500 firmware 
Huawei -> S1700 firmware 
Huawei -> Viewpoint 9030 firmware 
Huawei -> S2700 firmware 
Huawei -> S5700 firmware 
Huawei -> S6700 firmware 
Huawei -> S7700 firmware 
Huawei -> S9700 firmware 
Huawei -> Secospace usg6300 firmware 
Huawei -> Secospace usg6500 firmware 


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