Vulnerability CVE-2017-2171

Published: 2017-05-22

Cross-site scripting vulnerability in Captcha prior to version 4.3.0, Car Rental prior to version 1.0.5, Contact Form Multi prior to version 1.2.1, Contact Form prior to version 4.0.6, Contact Form to DB prior to version 1.5.7, Custom Admin Page prior to version 0.1.2, Custom Fields Search prior to version 1.3.2, Custom Search prior to version 1.36, Donate prior to version 2.1.1, Email Queue prior to version 1.1.2, Error Log Viewer prior to version 1.0.6, Facebook Button prior to version 2.54, Featured Posts prior to version 1.0.1, Gallery Categories prior to version 1.0.9, Gallery prior to version 4.5.0, Google +1 prior to version 1.3.4, Google AdSense prior to version 1.44, Google Analytics prior to version 1.7.1, Google Captcha (reCAPTCHA) prior to version 1.28, Google Maps prior to version 1.3.6, Google Shortlink prior to version 1.5.3, Google Sitemap prior to version 3.0.8, Htaccess prior to version 1.7.6, Job Board prior to version 1.1.3, Latest Posts prior to version 0.3, Limit Attempts prior to version 1.1.8, LinkedIn prior to version 1.0.5, Multilanguage prior to version 1.2.2, PDF & Print prior to version 1.9.4, Pagination prior to version 1.0.7, Pinterest prior to version 1.0.5, Popular Posts prior to version 1.0.5, Portfolio prior to version 2.4, Post to CSV prior to version 1.3.1, Profile Extra prior to version 1.0.7. PromoBar prior to version 1.1.1, Quotes and Tips prior to version 1.32, Re-attacher prior to version 1.0.9, Realty prior to version 1.1.0, Relevant - Related Posts prior to version 1.2.0, Sender prior to version 1.2.1, SMTP prior to version 1.1.0, Social Buttons Pack prior to version 1.1.1, Subscriber prior to version 1.3.5, Testimonials prior to version 0.1.9, Timesheet prior to version 0.1.5, Twitter Button prior to version 2.55, User Role prior to version 1.5.6, Updater prior to version 1.35, Visitors Online prior to version 1.0.0, and Zendesk Help Center prior to version 1.0.5 allows remote attackers to inject arbitrary web script or HTML via the function to display the BestWebSoft menu.

Vendor: Bestwebsoft
Product: Gallery 
Version: 4.4.9;
Product: Captcha 
Version: 4.2.9;
Product: Contact form 
Version: 4.0.5;
Product: Google sitemap 
Version: 3.0.7;
Product: Twitter button 
Version: 2.54;
Product: Facebook button 
Version: 2.53;
Product: Portfolio 
Version: 2.3;
Product: Donate 
Version: 2.1.0;
Product: Pdf & print 
Version: 1.9.3;
Product: Htaccess 
Version: 1.7.5;
Product: Google analytics 
Version: 1.7.0;
Product: Contact form to db 
Version: 1.5.6;
Product: User role 
Version: 1.5.5;
Product: Google shortlink 
Version: 1.5.2;
Product: Google adsense 
Version: 1.43;
Product: Custom search 
Version: 1.35;
Product: Updater 
Version: 1.34;
Product: Quotes and tips 
Version: 1.31;
Product: Google maps 
Version: 1.3.5;
Product: Subscriber 
Version: 1.3.4;
Product: Google +1 
Version: 1.3.3;
Product: Custom fields search 
Version: 1.3.1;
Product: Post to csv 
Version: 1.3.0;
Product: Google captcha (recaptcha) 
Version: 1.27;
Product: Multilanguage 
Version: 1.2.1;
Product: Sender 
Version: 1.2.0;
Product: Contact form multi 
Version: 1.2.0;
Product: Relevant - related posts 
Version: 1.1.9;
Product: Limit attempts 
Version: 1.1.7;
Product: Job board 
Version: 1.1.2;
Product: Email queue 
Version: 1.1.1;
Product: Promobar 
Version: 1.1.0;
Product: Social buttons pack 
Version: 1.1.0;
Product: SMTP 
Version: 1.0.9;
Product: Realty 
Version: 1.0.9;
Product: Gallery categories 
Version: 1.0.8;
Product: Re-attacher 
Version: 1.0.8;
Product: Profile extra 
Version: 1.0.6;
Product: Pagination 
Version: 1.0.6;
Product: Error log viewer 
Version: 1.0.5;
Product: Car rental 
Version: 1.0.4;
Product: Linkedin 
Version: 1.0.4;
Product: Popular posts 
Version: 1.0.4;
Product: Pinterest 
Version: 1.0.4;
Product: Zendesk help center 
Version: 1.0.4;
Product: Featured posts 
Version: 1.0.0;
Product: Visitors online 
Version: 0.9;
Product: Latest posts 
Version: 0.2;
Product: Testimonials 
Version: 0.1.8;
Product: Timesheet 
Version: 0.1.4;
Product: Custom admin page 
Version: 0.1.1;

CVSS2 => (AV:N/AC:M/Au:N/C:N/I:P/A:N)

CVSS Base Score
Impact Subscore
Exploitability Subscore
Exploit range
Attack complexity
No required
Confidentiality impact
Integrity impact
Availability impact


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