Scry Gallery Directory Traversal & Full Path Disclosure Vulnerabilites

Risk: Low
Local: No
Remote: Yes

Software : Scry Gallery WebSite : discovred by :Moroccan Security Team [+] Directory Traversal : A remote attacker may employ directory traversal strings '../' to access arbitrary files outside of the webroot directory. This flaw is due to an input validation error in the "index.php" script that does not properly validate the "p" field Exemple: http://localhost/scry/index.php?v=list&i=0&p=../../.. [+] Full Path Disclosure : The issue is due to an input validation error when processing a non-existing directory passed to the "p" field, which could be exploited by attackers to determine the installation path. Exemple: http://localhost/scry/index.php?v=view&i=0&p=simo64 ==> /var/www/scry-1.1/../photos/simo64 does not exist or is not readable by the webserver - please verify settings in setup.php Simo64 Moroccan Security Team contact: simo64[at]gmail[dot]com

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