Intel wireless service s24evmon.exe confidential information disclosure.

Credit: Rubn
Risk: Medium
Local: No
Remote: Yes
CWE: CWE-Other

CVSS Base Score: 4.9/10
Impact Subscore: 6.9/10
Exploitability Subscore: 3.9/10
Exploit range: Local
Attack complexity: Low
Authentication: No required
Confidentiality impact: Complete
Integrity impact: None
Availability impact: None

S24EvMon.exe is a service which is part (at least) of the Intel PROset/Wireless software. This application is provided by Intel in order to support intel Wireless Devices based on Spectrum 24 chipsets. This service uses a shared memory section which is created without the proper security descriptor, allowing unprivileged users to perform operations like Delete, Read or Write into the memory. The section is named ?S24EventManagerSharedMemory? This shared memory is used to store ,in plain text, confidential information like WEP Key, Passwords... The successful exploitation of this vulnerability could allow to any unprivileged user to access confidential information,exposing the network. An important mitigating factor is that the vulnerability is local, nevertheless some Malware could take advantage of this flaw. Further information and exploit code at Regards, Rubn

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