Multiple Vulns in Bitrix CMS

Risk: Medium
Local: No
Remote: Yes

Multiple Vulns in Bitrix CMS Vendor Version The latest one (4.1.x) Severity Medium Patched: No Multiple vulnerabilities discovered in Bitrix CMS. A remote attacker can conduct XSS attacks and compromise vulnerable system. 1. A remote attacker can get information about version history and latest installed version of Bitrix CMS by viewing the /bitrix/updates/updater.log file. Ex: 2. XSS vulnerability exists in handling of redirects in the auth form (and possibly other forms) during HTTP POST request. Remote user can set the back_url hidden field to remote site and redirect victim to a malicious Web page. 3. Script injection vulnerability exists in administrative interface in handling of HTML strings. Ex: "><script>alert('XSS')</script> will be interpreted as "><script>alert('XSS') </script> and executed. (tested with mozilla firefox) 4. Vulnerability exists in the Update functionality of Bitrix CMS. Remote attacker can poison DNS cache of victims system and force it to connect to a malicious Web server. Bitrix update client does not even try to validate the server it connects to. A remote attacker can get md5 hash of the Key product, detailed information about the system and install and later execute malicious PHP scripts. Gogi The Georgian

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