ByteHoard <= 2.1 multiple vulnerabilities

Credit: Nomenumbra
Risk: Medium
Local: No
Remote: Yes

ByteHoard <= 2.1 multiple vulnerabilities Discovered by: Nomenumbra Date: 23/5/2006 impact:high (file manipulation,privilege escalation,possible defacement) ByteHoard versions up to 2.1 are prone to multiple vulnerabilities, including directory traversal. [0x00] Directory traversal: Users are able to upload files to directories of other users, without having sufficient rights (even the admin's dir) or (even worse) overwrite files there: Steps: 1) log in 2) In your account upload the file you wish to place in the targetdir 3) Place a get request with an url constructed as follows: (just enter it in the adresbar and press enter): http://host/bytehoardpath/index.php?page=copy&filepath=/yourusername/you rfile&infolder=/targetusername/pathtotargetfile/ thus setting the path where the target file gets copied to, allowing you to upload and (providing yourfile has the same filename as the target file) overwrite files (you now have full access to the file). [0x01] File description xss: File descriptions aren't filtered at all, allowing anyone to insert arbitrary html of javascript code. Nomenumbra

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