Radical Technologies - Portal Search- multiple XSS issue

Risk: Low
Local: No
Remote: Yes

Site : Raditech.es Product : Portal Search (May be others) Portal Search is a product that can help to search in one or multiple Web sites. http://www.raditech.es/esp/servicios/portal-search.shtml This product can SEARCH and INDEX the contents of a entire web site,additionally this product doesn't validate user input. So these types of attacks are possible. -URL redirection (So Phising attacks can be easy) -Cross Site Scripting -Business Logic can be revealed trough Searching some type of characters -Some Others -URL redirection http://target/?http://www.hackersite.com and the hacker site is displayed in the main FRAME of www.somesite.com -Cross Site Scripting http://target/buscador/buscador.htm?%3CIFRAME%20SRC=%22javascript:alert( 'XSS');%22%3E%3C/IFRAME%3E The result of this URL is that all the records are displayed. -Business Logic can be revealed trough Searching some type of characters. http://target/buscador/buscador.htm? Thanks and sorry by my English Regards Pedro Alexander Garcia claxus (at) gmail (dot) com [email concealed] Colombia 2007

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