Bypass phishing protection in Firefox / Opera

2007-03-30 / 2007-03-31
Credit: zonafirefox
Risk: Low
Local: Yes
Remote: Yes

Hi, i've tested a simple way to bypass the phishing protection in Firefox and Opera 9.10. Aparently both browsers fails to detect a phishing site if it is embeded in an IFRAME / OBJECT label. I've released some demostrations to test the above: (using Javascript to create an iframe object) (without Javascript) Also, the following code can be used to bypass the phishing protection: "<object type="text/html" classid="(phishing site)" data="(phishing site)"></object>" The tests were realized using several many sites from Phishtank database. IE7 has no problems. Any feedback and/or confirmation of the above will be very appreciated. rgds, nsp

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