Insanely simple blog - Multiple vulnerabilities

Risk: Medium
Local: No
Remote: Yes

Insanely simple blog version 0.5 and below ISB contains multple vulnerabilities including both XSS, and SQL injection. First off, the search action fails to strip user content for html allowing a user to input tags. Next, anonymous blog entries can contain javascript allowing script execution. How? Well, tags are stripped, and there is As for the sql injection portion, several GET variables allow for the injection of SQL queries. First of which is the current_subsection variable. The following proof of concepts are provided or 1=1/* ^^ dumps all table data. lect blah from content/* The following bits of code work on the blog. <B onmousemver="javascript:alert('lol')">Pizza pie</B> <OL onmouseover="alert('lol')">I like it</OL> The fix for now is to filter blog entries with either a regex or the htmlspecialchars() function. The sql injection can be prevented by making sure the variables are numeric.

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