Credit: Michal Bucko
Risk: Medium
Local: Yes
Remote: Yes

Eleytt Research www.eleytt.com Overview: ==================== Michal Bucko, Eleytt, www.eleytt.com/michal.bucko Shyaam Sundhar, Eleytt Tomasz Galdys, Eleytt Credit: ==================== Michal Bucko, Eleytt, www.eleytt.com/michal.bucko Vulnerability Table =================== 1. Windows Calendar (Vista) ICS File Denial of Service Vulnerability 2. Toolbar vulnerabilities: a) Toolbar Gaming IE Toolbar Denial of Service Vulnerability b) ExportNation IE Toolbar Denial of Service Vulnerability c) Advanced Searchbar Denial of Service Vulnerability Information Table ================= 1. OpenOffice 2.2 Multiple File Extensions Handling Denial of Service Issue Vulnerability Details ========================= ========================= 1. Windows Calendar (Vista) ICS File Denial of Service Vulnerability ================================================================= Specially malformed ISC file, once imported to Windows Calendar, leads to Windows Calendar to a crash (after the remainder is set). Windows Calendar crashes every each time Vista is rebooted. The vulnerability stems from NULL pointer dereference and has been confirmed on fully updated Windows Vista. Successful at MSRC has been informed and confirmed the situation. Both, Eleytt and MSRC consider this issue of low impact. 2. Toolbar vulnerabilities ======================= a) The vulnerability in 'CallCmd' function in toolbar_gaming.dll has its roots in NULL pointer dereference, which results in denial of service conditions. b) The vulnerability lies in Toolbar.DLL library, in 'isChecked' function. The registers' values are below: EIP 01838C70 EAX 00000000 . ESP 001BA90C -> Asc: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA The crash itself happens here: 1838C70 MOV ECX,[EAX+188] Stack dump is full of 'A', but SEH hasn't been overwritten. The problem lies in NULL pointer dereference. The vulnerability, therefore, hasn't been proven exploitable. Arbitrary code execution is probably impossible. c) The vulnerability lies in Toolbar.DLL library, in 'isChecked' function. The exactly the same kind of vulnerability that described in b). Information Table ================= 1. OpenOffice 2.2 Multiple File Extensions Handling Denial of Service Issue ======================================================================== An issue in OpenOffice 2.2 Multiple File Extension Handling leads to denial of service conditions. Due to the minimum severity of the issue, the information is provided in Information Table. The issue does not allow code execution. Eleytt provides exemplary PoC exploits for this issue for reponsible security companies only. Meet Our Inside-Out Penetration Testing Program! =============================================== Eleytt Inside-Out http://eleytt.com/en/offer/inside-out-program.html If you ------ run a web site, eCommerce business have your internet business built a CMS or CRM solution are obliged by your company to run specialized security audit We are offering you the best of breed security audits of your web applications, of your CMS solutions. We do penetration testing and analyze your IT infrastructure security. Such audit will help you avoid costly business disruptions. What's so interesting about our program? ---------------------------------------- You don't pay any money until we find vulnerabilities in your web applications, vulnerabilities that might have serious consequences. The aim of our Program is to put in motion a term 'practical security'. Thanks to Eleytt Inside-Out Program you will see that your security is seriously improved and you don't waste your money. Feel free to contact us: business <at> eleytt <dot> com Eleytt - Company Information ============================ Eleytt Corporation is specialized in penetration testing, vulnerability development, advanced reverse engineering and exploitation techniques. Eleytt provides various security-related services: risk assessment, security policy, security assurance, incident management, web application security testing, continuous security assurance programs. Eleytt provides security audits for financial institutions and e-commerce. Eleytt provides an in-depth security analysis - experienced security experts analyze your source code, analyze your application, analyze your web application. Eleytt runs security programs for financial institutons and e-commerce. We have the mission to improve the security level of software and web applications. It is us who help you implement more secure applications. We help you understand the risk and deploy security solutions. We help you avoid costly business disruptions. These are the questions, which might help you understand how we work: ===================================================================== Want to get your web site checked for security vulnerabilities? Your server requires real penetration testing? Interested in Eleytt Business Continuity Program? Interested in Eleytt Application Security Program? For more information, please use: www.eleytt.com DISCLAIMER ========== This document and all the information it contains are provided "as is", for educational purposes only, without warranty of any kind, whether express or implied. The authors reserve the right not to be responsible for the topicality, correctness, completeness or quality of the information provided in this document. Liability claims regarding damage caused by the use of any information provided, including any kind of information which is incomplete or incorrect, will therefore be rejected.

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