InterWorx-CP Multiple HTML Injections Vulnerabilitie

Credit: DoZ
Risk: Medium
Local: No
Remote: Yes

[HSC] InterWorx-CP Multiple HTMl Injection Vulnerabilities The InterWorx Hosting Control Panel (InterWorx-CP) is a dedicated server control panel. InterWorx suffers from multiple HTMl injection vulnerabilities. JavaScript and Cross site scripting are just few found vulns, more sophisticated attacks such as remote file inclusion or even SQl injection may be possible. An attacker could exploit this vulnerability to have arbitrary script code execute in the context of the affected site. This may allow an attacker to steal cookie-based authentication credentials and to launch other attacks. Hackers Center Security Group ( Credit: Doz Remote: Yes Local: Yes Class: Input Validation Error Products: - InterWorx-CP Webmaster Level (SiteWorx) v3.0.2 - InterWorx-CP Server Admin Level (NodeWorx) v3.0.2 Vendor: InterWorx L.L.C. * Attackers can exploit these issues via a web client. # Remote Holes: /nodeworx/index.php/<Evil(XSS)-Code> /siteworx/index.php/<Evil(XSS)-Code> # Local Holes: * (NodeWorx) /nodeworx/nodeworx.php/<Evil-Code> /nodeworx/users.php/<Evil-Code> /nodeworx/lang.php/<Evil-Code> /nodeworx/themes.php/<Evil-Code> /nodeworx/setup.php/<Evil-Code> /nodeworx/siteworx.php/<Evil-Code> /nodeworx/packages.php/<Evil-Code> /nodeworx/backup.php/<Evil-Code> /nodeworx/import.php/<Evil-Code> /nodeworx/scriptworx.php/<Evil-Code> /nodeworx/resellers.php/<Evil-Code> /nodeworx/reseller-packages.php/<Evil-Code> /nodeworx/http.php/<Evil-Code> /nodeworx/mail.php/<Evil-Code> /nodeworx/ftp.php/<Evil-Code> /nodeworx/mysql.php/<Evil-Code> /nodeworx/sshd.php/<Evil-Code> /nodeworx/nfs.php/<Evil-Code> /nodeworx/cron.php/<Evil-Code> /nodeworx/ip.php/<Evil-Code> /nodeworx/firewall.php/<Evil-Code> /nodeworx/updates.php/<Evil-Code> /nodeworx/rrd.php/<Evil-Code> /nodeworx/cluster.php/<Evil-Code> * (SiteWorx) /siteworx/siteworx.php/<Evil-Code> /siteworx/users.php/<Evil-Code> /siteworx/cron.php /siteworx/prefs.php /siteworx/ftp.php/<Evil-Code> /siteworx/mysql.php/<Evil-Code> /siteworx/domains.php/<Evil-Code> /siteworx/htaccess.php/<Evil-Code> /siteworx/scriptworx.php/<Evil-Code> /siteworx/stats.php/<Evil-Code> /siteworx/backup.php/<Evil-Code> /siteworx/restore.php/<Evil-Code> /siteworx/httpd.php/<Evil-Code> Only becoming a Ethical Hacker, you can stop a Hacker. Learn with out having to pay thousands!- - The most comprehensive security pack you will ever find on the net!

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