2007-10-13 / 2007-10-14
Credit: Michal Bucko
Risk: High
Local: Yes
Remote: Yes

Eleytt Research www.eleytt.com Overview: ==================== Michal Bucko, Eleytt, www.eleytt.com/michal.bucko Tomasz Polis, www.eleytt.com Credit: ==================== Michal Bucko, Eleytt, www.eleytt.com/michal.bucko Vulnerability Table =================== 1. CA Erwin Datatype Standards File Denial of Service Vulnerability 2. G DATA Antivirus SelectPath() ScanObjectBrowser.dll Buffer Overflow Vulnerability 3. CA eTrust ITM r8.1 Web Console Script Redirection Vulnerability 4. VMware Virtual Disk Mount Service Local Denial of Service Vulnerability 5. CA eTrust ITM r8.1 iTechnology SPIN Web Interface Sensitive Information Disclosure Vulnerability Vulnerability Details ========================= ========================= 1. CA Erwin Datatype Standards File Denial of Service Vulnerability ============================================ The vulnerability is caused by improper handling of certain abnormal conditions. The successful exploitation leads to CA Erwin's denial of service conditions. 2. G DATA Antivirus ScanObjectBrowser.dll Buffer Overflow Vulnerability ============================================== The buffer overflow in ScanObjectBrowser.DLL ActiveX control (in function SelectPath) might lead to machine compromise. The vulnerability is not however exploitable via a web browser as the control is not marked safe for scripting. 3. CA eTrust ITM r8.1 Web Console Script Redirection Vulnerability ================================================== Computer Associates eTrust ITM (Threat Manager) is prone to remote script redirection. By enticing the unaware victim to open a specially crafted link (http://localhost:6689/...), an attacker might lead the victim to a different web site. Such issues might be used in phishing attacks as the victim does not suspect such script's behavior. 4. VMware Virtual Disk Mount Service Local Denial of Service Vulnerability ================================================= Vmware-provided library Reconfig.DLL (function ConnectPopulatedDiskEx) is prone to local denial of service vulnerability. The vulnerability might be used by malware to cause denial of service conditions of Vmware's Virtual Disk Mount Service (vmount2.exe). The control is not marked safe for scripting, thus remote exploitation via a web browser is not possible. 5.CA eTrust ITM r8.1 Web Console Sensitive Information Disclosure ==================================================== Computer Associates eTrust ITM (Threat Manager) is prone to remote sensitive information disclosure. Sensitive information is stored within log files (we can easily deduct the file names), remote exploitation is possible. The attacker gains information about the user logging history, user names and various directories. It might be possible that other imporant information might be stored in the log file but this has not been confirmed yet. Meet Our Business Continuity Program! ===================================== Eleytt offers Eleytt Business Continuity Program. What is it? - Long-term continous security audits - Security consulting and training - Security policy compliance issues For more information, please refer to eleytt.com, http://www.eleytt.com Eleytt - Company Information ============================ Eleytt Corporation is specialized in penetration testing, vulnerability development, advanced reverse engineering and exploitation techniques. Eleytt provides various security-related services: risk assessment, security policy, security assurance, incident management, web application security testing, continuous security assurance programs. Eleytt provides security audits for financial institutions and e-commerce. Eleytt provides an in-depth security analysis - experienced security experts analyze your source code, analyze your application, analyze your web application. Eleytt runs security programs for financial institutons and e-commerce. We have the mission to improve the security level of software and web applications. It is us who help you implement more secure applications. We help you understand the risk and deploy security solutions. We help you avoid costly business disruptions. These are the questions, which might help you understand how we work: ===================================================================== Want to get your web site checked for security vulnerabilities? Your server requires real penetration testing? Interested in Eleytt Business Continuity Program? Interested in Eleytt Application Security Program? For more information, please use: http://www.eleytt.com DISCLAIMER ========== This document and all the information it contains are provided "as is", for educational purposes only, without warranty of any kind, whether express or implied. The authors reserve the right not to be responsible for the topicality, correctness, completeness or quality of the information provided in this document. Liability claims regarding damage caused by the use of any information provided, including any kind of information which is incomplete or incorrect, will therefore be rejected.

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