phphelpdesk Multiple vulnerabilities

Credit: Joseph
Risk: Medium
Local: No
Remote: Yes

phphelpdesk version 0.6.16 (latest) phphelpdesk Multiple vulnerabilities PhpHelpDesk is a popular solution for people looking for a way to manage their helpdesk tickets. Presently there exists 2 vulnerabilites that affect the inegrity of systems who run the software. The first of which is a local file inclusuion vulnerability. Problem exists in the GET'd variable whatdodo. Its supposed to point to a series of pages, but the filter fails to catch users going outside the lines with a little trailing null bye. Here is an example: http://helpdesk.example/index.php?whattodo=../../../../../../../../etc/p asswd%00 Reading files seems bad, but not that bad. The second vulnerability in question is the SQL Injection at the login page. Yes, the classic ' or 1=1/* injection still holds true in the login procedures of this app. I've emailed the project dev on sourceforge and am awaiting a response. Happy hacking.

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