[DSECRG-08-030] Claroline 1.8.9 Multiple Security Vulnerabilities

Risk: Medium
Local: No
Remote: Yes

Digital Security Research Group [DSecRG] Advisory #DSECRG-08-030 Application: Claroline eLearning and eWorking platform Versions Affected: 1.8.9 Vendor URL: http://www.claroline.net/ Bug: Multiple XSS, Phishing Through URL Redirection, Change User Password XSRF Vulnerability Exploits: YES Reported: 04.07.2008 Vendor Response: 07.07.2008 Solution: YES Date of Public Advisory: 18.07.2008 Author: Digital Security Research Group [DSecRG] (research [at] dsec [dot] ru) Description *********** Claroline system has multiple security vulnerabilities: 1. Multiple Linked XSS 2. Phishing Through URL Redirection 3. Change User Password XSRF Vulnerability Details ******* 1. Multiple linked XSS vulnerabilities found. Attacker can inject XSS in URL string 1.1 Linked XSS vulnerabilities found in scripts: claroline/announcements/announcements.php claroline/calendar/agenda.php claroline/course/index.php claroline/course_description/index.php claroline/document/document.php claroline/exercise/exercise.php claroline/group/group_space.php claroline/phpbb/newtopic.php claroline/phpbb/reply.php claroline/phpbb/viewtopic.php claroline/wiki/wiki.php claroline/work/work.php Attacker can inject XSS in URL string. Example: http://[server]/[installdir]/claroline/course/index.php?"><script>alert( 'DSecRG XSS')</script> http://[server]/[installdir]/claroline/phpbb/newtopic.php?"><script>aler t('DSecRG XSS')</script> 1.2 Linked XSS vulnerability found in claroline/document/rqmkhtml.php GET parameter "cwd" Example: http://[server]/[installdir]/claroline/document/rqmkhtml.php?cmd=rqMkHtm l&cwd="><script>alert('DSecRG XSS')</script> --------------------------------------------------------------------- 2. Phishing Through URL Redirection Vulnerability found in script /claroline/redirector.php GET parameter "url" Example: http://[server]/[installdir]/claroline/redirector.php?url=http://evilsit e.com --------------------------------------------------------------------- 3. Change User Password XSRF Vulnerability Previous password not required to set a new password. Using XSS vulnerabilities, attacker can change user password. Solution ******** Vendor fix this flaw on 16.07.2008. New version 1.8.10 can be downloaded here: http://downloads.sourceforge.net/claroline/claroline1810.tar.gz http://downloads.sourceforge.net/claroline/claroline1810.zip About ***** Digital Security is leading IT security company in Russia, providing information security consulting, audit and penetration testing services, risk analysis and ISMS-related services and certification for ISO/IEC 27001:2005 and PCI DSS standards. Digital Security Research Group focuses on web application and database security problems with vulnerability reports, advisories and whitepapers posted regularly on our website. Contact: research [at] dsec [dot] ru http://www.dsec.ru (in Russian)



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