WebCards <= 1.3 Remote SQL Injection Vulnerability

Credit: t0pP8uZz
Risk: Medium
Local: No
Remote: Yes

-[*]+================================================================================+[*]- -[*]+ WebCards <= 1.3 Remote SQL Injection Vulnerability +[*]- -[*]+================================================================================+[*]- [*] Discovered By: t0pP8uZz [*] Contact: irc.rizon.net #sectalk [*] Discovered On: 22 October 2008 [*] Script Download: http://www.mywebcards.net/ [*] DORK: "Powered By Webcards" [*] Vendor Has Not Been Notified! [*] DESCRIPTION/USAGE: WebCards 1.3 and prior versions suffer from a MySQL injection in the admin login page, This allows remote attackers to gain access to the administration area without having a valid user/pass combination. All what is needed is the valid username, The default admin username is "admin" so the below SQL syntax should gain entry to a vulnerable site. Not all sites are vulnerable, It relys on Magic Quotes, and other script settings for this to work, I tested on about 15 sites, and 2 of those 15 were only vulnerable. Once in the administration area its possible to get a very easy shell, Which is explained in the "Notes" section of this document. [*] SQL Injection: First find a vulnerable site, Then goto http://site.com/webcards/admin.php Enter the following in the username textbox: admin" and ""=" Enter the following in the password textbox: 1 [*] NOTE/TIP: To gain a shell on the vulnerable host, Simply use the sql injection above, Once administration is gained, Click "Add Image Macro" follow the onscreen instructions and change the extension to php or what ever file type you want. Once complete goto "Images" and upload your shell/file, When its complete, Navigate back to images, Goto "Show All" and look for your file name, then just copy the LINK. [*] GREETZ: [-] Come hang in irc, irc.rizon.net #sectalk Peace... ...t0pP8uZz ! -[*]+================================================================================+[*]- -[*]+ WebCards <= 1.3 Remote SQL Injection Vulnerability +[*]- -[*]+================================================================================+[*]-



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