zeeproperty 1.0 (Upload/XSS) Multiple Remote Vulnerabilities

Credit: ZoRLu
Risk: Medium
Local: No
Remote: Yes
CWE: CWE-264

ZEEPROPERTY v1.0 remote file Upload & XSS author: ZoRLu msn: trt-turk@hotmail.com home: www.z0rlu.blogspot.com dork: "Designed & Developed by Zeeways.com" first register to site you add this code your shell to head GIF89a; example your_shell.php: GIF89a; <? ... ... ... ?> and save your_sheell.php after login to site and you change your profile ( direckt link: localhost/viewprofile.php ) add your photo ( you_shell.php upload ) after open new page you right clik your photo and select to properties copy photo link and paste your explorer go your shell your_shell: localhost/script_path/companylogo/[id].php example for demo: user: zeeways passwd: testing: change profile direckt link: http://www.zeeproperty.com/viewprofile.php and your_shell link: http://www.zeeproperty.com/companylogo/5622365.php XSS for demo: http://www.zeeproperty.com/view_prop_details.php?propid="><script>alert()</script> thanks: str0ke & yildirimordulari.org & darkc0de.com



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