Nagios XI remote SQL injection vulnerability in users.php

Credit: Adam Baldwin
Risk: Medium
Local: No
Remote: Yes

Nagios XI users.php SQL Injection Advisory Information Advisory ID: NGENUITY-2010-008 Date published: 8/24/2010 Vulnerability Information Class: SQL Injection (SQLi) Software Description Nagios XI is the commercial / enterprise version of the open source Nagios project. Vulnerability Description Nagios XI prior to version 2009R1.3 is vulnerable to SQL Injection. It is possible for specially designed queries to extract data via the database error messages. Authentication and access to users.php is required. It is possible to also use this SQL injection has a remote XSS vector as the error message is not properly sanitized. Technical Description The records variable on the users.php command is not properly sanitized and allows for injection of SQL commands. Stacked queries are also allowed into the postgres database. > password from xi_users where username= > CHR(110)||CHR(97)||CHR(103)||CHR(105)||CHR(111)||CHR(115)||CHR(97)||CHR(100)||CHR(109)||CHR(105)||CHR(110)))&sortby=username&sortorder=asc&search=&page=1 The password hash of the nagiosadmin user would be displayed in the error message as a result of this query. Credits This vulnerability was discovered by Adam Baldwin Original Advisory:

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