Microsoft IIS 6.0/7.5 Multiple Vulns

2012-06-10 / 2012-07-17
Credit: Kingcope
Risk: High
Local: No
Remote: Yes
CWE: CWE-592

THIS IS A GENUINE ISOWAREZ RELEASE ******************************************************** -------------------------------------------------------- Title: Microsoft IIS 6.0 with PHP installed Authentication Bypass Affected software: Microsoft IIS 6.0 with PHP installed (tested on Windows Server 2003 SP1 running PHP5) Details: By sending a special request to the IIS 6.0 Service running PHP the attacker can successfully bypass access restrictions. Take for example: 1.) IIS/6.0 has PHP installed 2.) There is a Password Protected directory configured --> An attacker can access PHP files in the password protected directory and execute them without supplying proper credentials. --> Example request (path to the file): /admin::$INDEX_ALLOCATION/index.php IIS/6.0 will gracefully load the PHP file inside the "admin" directory if the ::$INDEX_ALLOCATION postfix is appended to directory name. This can result in accessing administrative files and under special circumstances execute arbirary code remotely. -------------------------------------------------------- Title: Microsoft IIS 7.5 Classic ASP Authentication Bypass Affected Software: Microsoft IIS 7.5 with configured Classic ASP and .NET Framework 4.0 installed (.NET Framework 2.0 is unaffected, other .NET frameworks have not been tested) (tested on Windows 7) Details: By appending ":$i30:$INDEX_ALLOCATION" to the directory serving the classic ASP file access restrictions can be successfully bypassed. Take this Example: 1.) Microsoft IIS 7.5 has Classic ASP configured (it allows serving .asp files) 2.) There is a password protected directory configured that has administrative asp scripts inside 3.) An attacker requests the directory with :$i30:$INDEX_ALLOCATION appended to the directory name 4.) IIS/7.5 gracefully executes the ASP script without asking for proper credentials -------------------------------------------------------- Title: Microsoft IIS 7.5 .NET source code disclosure and authentication bypass Affected Software: Microsoft IIS/7.5 with PHP installed in a special configuration (Tested with .NET 2.0 and .NET 4.0) (tested on Windows 7) The special configuration requires the "Path Type" of PHP to be set to "Unspecified" in the Handler Mappings of IIS/7.5 Details: The authentication bypass is the same as the previous vulnerabilities: Requesting for example http://<victimIIS75>/admin:$i30:$INDEX_ALLOCATION/admin.php will run the PHP script without asking for proper credentials. By appending /.php to an ASPX file (or any other file using the .NET framework that is not blocked through the request filtering rules, like misconfigured: .CS,.VB files) IIS/7.5 responds with the full source code of the file and executes it as PHP code. This means that by using an upload feature it might be possible (under special circumstances) to execute arbitrary PHP code. Example: Default.aspx/.php Cheerio and signed, /Kingcope


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