WordPress Event Easy Calendar 1.0.0 XSS / CSRF / Input Validation

Credit: RogueCoder
Risk: Medium
Local: No
Remote: Yes

Details ======================== Application: Event Easy Calendar Version: 1.0.0 Type: WordPress Plugin Vendor: Adamson ( http://profiles.wordpress.org/adamson/ ) Url: http://wordpress.org/plugins/event-easy-calendar/ Vulnerability: - Improper Input Validation (CWE-20) - Cross-Site Scripting (CWE-79) - Cross-Site Request Forgery (CWE-352) Description ======================== Events Easy Calendar will enable WordPress sites to manage all their bookings and appointments. Vulnerability ======================== This plugin contains CSRF on all forms and some are also vulnerable to XSS. This entire plugin can be remotely controlled by crafting arbitrary payloads and send a malicious link to a site admin. By doing this you can create and update customers, create new services/cupons, change settings, enable reminders/auto approval, delete all bookings, etc. It's also possible to modify the PayPal recipient email address, so that all payments are sent to the attacker instead of the service provider. The cost of any services are also easily modified. Solution ======================== No fix by vendor at this point. Remove the plugin from your WordPress installation. Timeline ======================== 2013-08-15 Wrote a comment pointing out to the vendor that there was some vulnerabilities and that a report would be made the same day. Comment was deleted. 2013-08-15 Contacted the vendor through the plugin support section on wordpress.org, where I requested a valid email to send the report to. 2013-08-16 Third and last message sent to vendor in an attempt to get a valid email address to send the report to 2013-08-16 An email address were provided by the plugin developer 2013-08-25 Vulnerability details were sent to the provided email address 2013-09-02 Details were sent to plugins@wordpress.org 2013-09-05 Confirmation email recieved from Wordpress 2013-09-05 Plugin has been removed from the plugin directory 2013-09-07 Publicly disclosed



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