Zarafa Multiple incorrect default permissions

Credit: Robert Scheck
Risk: High
Local: Yes
Remote: No
CWE: CWE-276

Hello, I discovered that the Zarafa Collaboration Platform has multiple incorrect default permissions (CWE-276): 1. In order to fix CVE-2014-0103, Zarafa introduced constants PASSWORD_KEY and PASSWORD_IV in /etc/zarafa/webaccess-ajax/config.php (Zarafa WebAccess) and /etc/zarafa/webapp/config.php (Zarafa WebApp), both are the upstream path names of a default installation, downstream names might be different. Both files have default permissions of root:root and 644, thus decryption of the symmetric encrypted passwords in the on-disk PHP session files is possible again (similar like initially described in CVE-2014-0103). Affects Zarafa WebAccess >= 7.1.10, Zarafa WebApp >= 1.6 beta. 2. The log directory /var/log/zarafa/ is shipped by default with root:root and 755 and all created log files by the Zarafa daemons have by default root:root and 644. This is leaking (depending on the log level of the given service) only e.g. subject, sender/recipient, message-id, SMTP queue id of in- and outbound e-mails but might be even a cleartext protocol dump of IMAP, POP3, CalDAV and iCal as well (including possible credentials) to any local system user. Affects Zarafa >= 5.00. 3. The directories /var/lib/zarafa-webaccess/tmp/ (Zarafa WebAccess) and /var/lib/zarafa-webapp/tmp/ (Zarafa WebApp) are read- and writable by the Apache system user by default - but also world readable for local system users (e.g. apache:apache and 755 on RHEL). Thus all the temporary session data such as uploaded e-mail attachments can be read-only accessed because all created files below previously mentioned directories have permissions 644, too. Upstream path names changed over the time and releases. Affects Zarafa WebAccess >= 4.1, Zarafa WebApp (any version). 4. The optional (but proprietary) license daemon /usr/bin/zarafa-licensed runs by default with root permissions, the subscription/license key is put into '/etc/zarafa/license/*'. The license files are recommented (according upstream documentation) to be created using echo(1) which usually leads to root:root and 644. But the parent directory /etc/zarafa/license/ is shipped by default with root:root and 755. As result the key files can be accessed and copied by any local system user. Affects Zarafa >= 4.1. As of writing Zarafa doesn't seem to have built-in permission checks (like e.g. fetchmail(1) has), too. With kind regards Robert Scheck -- Fedora Project * Fedora Ambassador * Fedora Mentor * Fedora Packager


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