tcpdump Denial Of Service / Code Execution

Risk: High
Local: No
Remote: Yes
CWE: CWE-119

Hi, please find tcpdump 4.7.2 source code at: (there is also a matching libpcap) To validate the source code with the "make check" you need to have libpcap-4.7.2 or the geneve test cases will not function. The signature files are made by, and will get replaced with tcpdump ones once I get physical access to the key later today. This fixes CVE-2014-9140 --- issue with PPP printer (previously notified) CVE-2015-0261 --- issues with IPv6 mobility printer. CVE-2015-2153 --- issue with tcp printer. CVE-2015-2154 --- issue with ethernet printer. CVE-2015-2155 --- issue with force printer. There are also other issues which related to Capsicum that were already public, as well as DECNET fixes that came in. Our tcpdump 4.7.0 process failed (flailed?) over CVE-2014-9140, and was never properly released. 4.7.1 was internally marked, but not released. A patch for tcpdump 4.3 is at: 0001-in-some-cases-we-expect-tcpdump-to-fail-with-an-erro.patch 0002-test-case-files-for-CVE-2015-2153-2154-2155.patch 0003-test-case-for-cve2015-0261-corrupted-IPv6-mobility-h.patch If you require patches for other versions, please let us know. Patch 0001 is needed only so that "make check" will function. (tcpdump 4.3 may not detect libssl properly since ssl churn, so the ESP/IKE test cases will fail since libssl was not detected) Please ACK this email, and let me know when I can let this source code out. -- ] Never tell me the odds! | ipv6 mesh networks [ ] Michael Richardson, Sandelman Software Works | network architect [ ] | ruby on rails [


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