NextGen Gallery WordPress Plugin LFI/Path Traversal

Credit: Team CSW
Risk: Medium
Local: No
Remote: Yes

Hi List: We are requesting CVE for the below mentioned security issue in NextGen Gallery Plugin: Plugin Details: ============== Plugin Name: NextGen Gallery Version: 2.1.7 Homepage: Description =============== NextGEN Gallery is most popular *WordPress Gallery Plugin *with over 13 millions downloads. Vulnerability =============== The plugin fails to validate user input in one of the variables, which allows a log-in user to access system files and other unauthorized files on the server. POC Video Link: Proof of Concept ================ Accessing the POST request http://localhost/wordpress/?photocrati_ajax=1 and modifying the *dir* variable with ../../../ input user can traverse file system and access files even outside the application directory. Disclosure Timeline ================== 17-02-2015: Reported to WP Plugins 18-02-2015: Acknowledged by WP Plugin, saying that vendor will be informed. But till now no response from WP plugin or vendor. Discovered by ( Please provide credit to following) ===================================== Sathish Kumar Cyber Security Works Pvt Ltd. ---------- Cheers !!! Team CSW


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