Multiple Apple Products libc File System Buffer Overflow Patch

2015-12-08 / 2015-12-09
Risk: High
Local: Yes
Remote: Yes
CWE: CWE-119

CVSS Base Score: 6.8/10
Impact Subscore: 6.4/10
Exploitability Subscore: 8.6/10
Exploit range: Remote
Attack complexity: Medium
Authentication: No required
Confidentiality impact: Partial
Integrity impact: Partial
Availability impact: Partial

Hi @ll, Today Apple fixed buffer overflow issue in LIBC/FTS (CVE-2015-7039). Patch Available for: - OS X El Capitan v10.11 and v10.11.1 - iPhone 4s and later, - Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch, Apple Watch Edition, and Apple Watch Hermes - Apple TV (4th generation) Impact: Processing a maliciously crafted package may lead to arbitrary code execution Description: Multiple buffer overflows existed in the C standard library. These issues were addressed through improved bounds Conception and description of issue here: Best Regards, Maksymilian Arciemowicz ( - Independent Information


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