AsusTEK asio.sys MSR Manipulation

Risk: Low
Local: No
Remote: Yes

Brief ==== AsusTEK asio.sys driver accepts IOCTLs that allow the user to freely manipulate MSRs. Disclosure timeline ================ March 4th, 2016: contacted AsusTEK via mail and online chat. AsusTEK blamed it on Microsoft! March 5th, 2016: contacted the Microsoft security response center. March 10th, 2016: Microsoft acknowledged and asked AsusTEK to fix. March 16th, 2016: AsusTEK refuse to admit their mistakes. March 17th, 2016: public disclosure, assigned DWF-2016-91001. Technical details ============= IOCTL 0xA0406458 for reading MSR values - the MSR number is sent as a single DWORD in the input buffer, and the output value is a single QWORD in the output buffer. IOCTL 0xA040645C for writing MSR values - the MSR number is the first DWORD and the value is the following QWORD in the input buffer. POC code and blog entry =======================


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