Peplink NGxxx/LCxxx VPN-Firewall Open Redirect

Risk: Low
Local: No
Remote: Yes
CWE: CWE-601

Peplink NGxxx/LCxxx VPN-Firewall Open Redirect Vulnerability Vendor: Qingdao Xunbo Information Technology Co., Ltd. Product web page: Affected version: PEPLINK NG300 VPN-Firewall PEPLINK NG320-VPN-Firewall PEPLINK NG500-VPN-Firewall PEPLINK NG520-VPN-Firewall PEPLINK LC500-VPN-Firewall Summary: The NG500 / 520 is a high-performance VPN server, which is suitable for small and medium enterprises to use as a VPN center. It is simple to deploy and high security. At the same time, NG500 / 520 products also integrates advanced firewall features to support access to computers by group, by region, according to the strategy, according to rules management; support office network and business network isolation to ensure data server security. At the same time, NG500 / NG520 support intelligent flow control function, can reserve bandwidth for VPN, to ensure the fluency of critical applications, to prevent network congestion. The NG300 / 320 products are cost-effective VPN branch gateway products, support to drive the entire LAN access to the headquarters network to support LAN TO LAN interconnection. NG300 / 320 integrated online behavior management function, you can achieve P2P, QQ, MSN and other application control and site filtering and other functions, support QoS traffic priority control technology, VPN applications can reserve bandwidth to ensure the stability of remote enterprise data transmission. Desc: Input passed via the '_redirect' GET parameter via 'service.cgi' script is not properly verified before being used to redirect users. This can be exploited to redirect a user to an arbitrary website e.g. when a user clicks a specially crafted link to the affected script hosted on a trusted domain. Tested on: nginx/1.2.9 VPN OS 2.6 UTM Base/027R12-newvpn-3.53r VPNServer/027R12-vpn-b3.74r Vulnerability discovered by Gjoko 'LiquidWorm' Krstic @zeroscience Advisory ID: ZSL-2016-5376 Advisory URL: 24.09.2016 -- GET /service.cgi?_service=get+session&_redirect= HTTP/1.1


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