Format Factory 4.1.0 DLL Hijacking

Credit: Kyaw Thiha
Risk: Medium
Local: Yes
Remote: No

Format Factory DLL Hijacking Vulnerability Product --------------- Format Factory is a comprehensive audio, video and photo converter and ripper that will satisfy your every need, all by having simple interface that can be used by everyone. Download Format Factory Offline Installer Setup for Windows. Vulerability Description ----------------- Format factory is vulnerable to Insecure DLL Hijacking Vulnerability. Similar terms that describe this vulnerability have been come up with Remote Binary Planting, and Insecure DLL Loading/Injection/Hijacking/Preloading. DLL Hijacking is an attack that exploits the way some Windows applications search and load Dynamic Link Libraries. Affected Library List --------------------- - msimg32.dll - WindowsCodecs.dll - dwmapi.dll Version Affect --------- 4.1.0 Tested Platform: Windows 7 x86 POC -------------- Impact ----------- This occurs when an application fails to resolve a DLL because the DLL does not exist in the specified path or search directories. If this happens, a malicious Dll with the same name can be placed in the specified path directory leading to remote code execution. Remediation ----------------- Require set paths for DLLs in applications Vendor --------- Format Factory Found By ------------------ Kyaw Thiha Reference ---------------

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